Removing the “Sucker-Shoots!”

From time to time we must evaluate our past behavior and take time to remove the “Sucker-Shoots!”


Sucker-Shoots are tiny offshoots which will literally drain and disable the “vine” so that it no longer produces fruit – only leaves.  These shoots are a slow downward spiral based on the wrong choices we’ve made.  If you ignore them and let them continue to grow, in time they will drain or disable you from being Christ centered with the will to do good.  In fact, you will lose all sensitivity to wrong altogether.

Insensitivity to “Sucker-Shoots” will place in your life:

a.  Insensitivity to the needs of others

b.  Your drive for success at the expense of your family, as well as spiritual well being

c.   Laziness and lack of personal discipline

d.  Insecurity

“He cuts off every branch..that bears no fruit.”–John 15:2



It’s a great value that the Creator is determined to remove “Sucker-Shoots.”  He is committed to this purpose and there is nothing which we can do to dissuade Him!  He is relentless and never runs of out creative ideas for destroying them.





Lord, I would ask for a holy year,
Spent in Thy perfect will:
Help me to walk in Thy very steps;
Help me to please Thee still.

Lord, I would ask for a busy year,
Filled up with service true:
Doing with all Thy Spirit’s might
All that I find to do.

Lord, I would ask for a dying world;
Stretch forth Thy mighty hand;
Scatter Thy Word–Thy power
This year in every land.

Lord, I would ask for a year of
Looking for Thee to come,
And hastening on that year of years
That brings us Christ and Home.
–A. B. Simpson

What are the “Sucker-Shoots” in your life?  What is keeping you from being fruitful? Realize that they didn’t spring up overnight.  There’s absolutely no one who makes a “single leap” from the pinnacle of commitment to the deadening swamp of carnality. This occurs over time by giving a deaf ear to the Spirit.

Isn’t it great that we all have the gift of “choice?”  Choose this day for a new life and a new beginning at the brink of this Year End 2013.  Ask God to remove the “Sucker-Shoots,” then, allow Him to do so.

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Angela Valadez

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  • Thank you Merle and you as well Patricia.  Sounds like you're in prison Patricia.  It's a new year, make it your year and do what is good for you.  Not some person disrespecting you and feeling worthless.  You always have God and He is always on your side.  Praying for you.  May God's peace overshadow you.  Take Courage.... 

  • Love it Angela, great post.  Lovely prayer, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks so much for that blog, ms angela. I guess you can say I've been hanging on to my sucker root. ( my husband) I can't seem to do anything right. Scare to move anything in the house or to even voice my opinion.  He has no respect for my opinions ir thoughts. Always saying iam the weaker vessel. That I should submit.  I sit here and go along with whatever he suggest for fear of being out of line or as he says disrespectful.  I got no where to go. No family to turn to. But I got to go. Tired of hanging on.

  • Thank you Terri, Bruno and Julie for your wonderful comments and shares.  A Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.  

  • What a beautiful prayer, Angela!  This is a thought provoking blog.  I'll be sharing it.

  • Thank you for sharing your post! liked and shared on twitter and fb :)

  • Top Member

    Angela I love the prayer you shared in your post. Thank you for your inspiration. I have shared for more to read your post. Have a great day and much success for you in 2014.

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