Reverse Engineering Massive Duplication




Creating Duplication



It’s important not only to think of how you are going to
achieve Duplication with your goals in your network marketing efforts, but also
to think from the top down.


This alternate path of thought about your success can bring
light to missing pieces.


Take a second and ask yourself this question . . .


“If I had a team of 5,000 people below me what would I have
done to make that Duplication happen?”


Really close your eyes and think about this. Imagine
yourself standing on a platform giving a speech to your team
and telling them your story of how you got there and how you created Duplication.


You Telling Your Team How You Created Duplication

You Telling Your Team How You Created Duplication

What would you say about Duplication?

What skills would you need to have to create Duplication?

What tools would you need to have to have massive Duplication?

What marketing systems would you use for Duplication?

What type of people would you be working with that are serious about Duplication?

What type of company would you be a part of that you believe can achieve Duplication?

How would you teach your team to do what you do in order to have Duplication?

How would you recognize those that are doing big things and creating daily Duplication in their business?

Why were you successful and can you show others how to have that same Duplication?

These are all important questions to be addressed now.




The great Earl Nightingale in his groundbreaking series
“Lead The Field” tells the story of a young boy eagerly
wanting to play with his father.


The father knowing that he was distracted and could not play
with his child at the time looked for something to give his
son to do. He found an old magazine cover with a picture of
the world on it.


The father ripped out the page and tore it into little
pieces and said “Here son, see if you can put this picture
of the world back together.”


The child happily took to the challenge and in just a few
minutes returned to his father with the entire picture


The father, amazed with how quickly his son was able to do
this, asked how he had made such quick work of his task.


The child said “It was easy! On the other side of the page
was the picture of a man. All I did was put the man back


The father smiled and said “Yes son, when the man is
together so is his world.”


It’s no different for you in your network marketing
business. When you know who you must be, success will find
its way to you.


And Duplication will follow…

You must be the person standing on the stage giving the
speech long before you ever get there.


Imagine If You Knew The Formula For Duplication

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