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ALADAY LLC…Business 101…Today We Talk Jingles

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

We’ve all heard commercial jingles. That distinct sound of McDonalds, “You deserve a break today” or the Kentucky Fried Chicken,“Finger Lickin’ Good”…

Almost all major companies have a jingle to identify with. So why don’t smaller companies? I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. I mean after all what part of a jingle is NOT part of a Company’s Brand? So, since I ask clients every day…What is your company’s brand??? So as the sun peeked through the office window bringing the mid-fall day warmth to my face I thought I’d touch on how to develop your company’s brand for a second or two this afternoon. Well, there is also the fact that I spoke with Bob Crawford, a musician that does exactly that, writes music for companies to use to promote their business and develop their Company Brand.

A song or a jingle is always a nice touch. Can you afford it is usually the question that first comes to mind. Well the way the music industry works you may very well be able to have you very own song or jingle developed for your company.

So without further ado…Meet Bob Crawford…Bob is President of RMCO Music/BMI currently residing in a city so great that they named it twice…New York, New York.

You can find some information on Bob here…and here….well here’s another link too…

You’ll find a wide variety of musical styles on Bob’s You Tube station…Bob Crawford/RMCO MUSIC YouTube Playlists:

Some Jazz: Bob Crawford/RMCO MUSIC Crossover Jazz #1 (Midtempo/Romantic)

Bob Crawford/RMCO MUSIC Crossover Jazz #2 (Uptempo)

Pop and Rock: For Pop/Rock Collection:

 R&B/Soul: For R&B/Soul Collection:

When asked to describe his business:

As President of RMCO Music I work as a songwriter/composer, producer, & consultant providing original customized music for clients involved with music supervision, underscoring/transitions in film, TV, advertising and product placement, corporate presentations, video games, ringtones, etc. in Pop, R&B/Soul, Crossover Jazz, Indie Rock, Dance, & Singer-Songwritergenres.

 Are you actively looking to bring on new clients?

As a matter of fact, I am looking for clients needing original music for business advertising & presentations. As President at RMCO MUSIC I am actively licensing my music to artists, music supervisors, and advertisers for film, TV, product placement. etc. ringtones, video games, and the like in the Pop, R&B/Soul, Crossover Jazz, Indie Rock, Dance, Singer-Songwriter, & New Country genres.

When asked about costs:

It depends…there are always variables but the basic fee structure is one that consists of a flat fee and royalty…Bob is registered with BMI. For those of you that are not familiar with how music works…unless you purchase ALL the rights to a piece of music…for example if you buy the “rights” to your favorite song, Jingle Bells…anyone using the song other than “Listening pleasure” you must pay a fee/license for the “right to use” the song in your commercial. There are more in-depths do’s and don’ts in owning the rights to a piece of music. But those are the basics. If someone owns a piece of music they will always make revenues on it…

Here are the basic fees:

Radio Promo

Local $98.00

Regional (generally five states) $180.00

National $252.00


So the royalty all depends on the negotiations.

So if you have been wondering about a Jingle to help develop your Company Brand give Bob a call and see what you can work out…

Until Next Time…

Happy Gardening…

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Bob Crawford and Aaron Aveiro


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By way of introduction, my name is Bob Crawford, President of RMCO MUSIC/BMI/NYC/USA, a versatile and prolific 35 year veteran songwriter/composer/producer actively seeking music/sync licensing/placement opportunities with recording artists, for theme songs/underscoring/transitions in film/TV, commercial advertising and product placement in all media formats, corporate business presentations, ringtones, video games, websites, and the like creating music in genres such as Adult Contemporary (Pop), R&B/Soul, Contemporary Crossover Jazz, Dance, Indie Rock, and Singer-Songwriter idioms. I have original period piece music from the 1970s-present for licensing purposes in all media formats.

Having been in the music industry for quite some time I have a rather large song catalog & long track record, working with such varied artists as Jocelyn Brown (#1 Record “Somebody Else’s Guy”), Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Maxine Brown (Tony Award Winner, R&B Hall of Fame member), Dennis Williams (O’Jays, Temptations), Larry Harlow (Lifetime Grammy Award Winner & Latin Music Hall of Fame member) , Ron Richardson (Tony Award Winner for “Big River”), Loretta Devine (“Waiting To Exhale”, “Dreamgirls”- original Broadway cast, BET Image Award Winner), Jimmy Norman (R&B Hall of Fame member), Maria Howell (“The Color Purple”), Vondie Curtis-Hall (“Dreamgirls”- original Broadway cast, Gotham & Satellite Awards Winner), Carl Hall (“The Wiz”, “Mahalia”), & Beverly Crosby (“Wild Women”).

On Jun 1, 2013 my 2 Contemporary Crossover Jazz albums BOB CRAWFORD/RMCO MUSIC presents: CONTEMPORARY JAZZ CROSSOVER INSTRUMENTALS Vol. 1 & 2 were released by RMCO MUSIC and are available at i-Tunes, CD Baby, AmazonMP3, Bandcamp, & Spotify.

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