See Who Was Featured on IBO in August 2017

If you were wondering who all the featured members of the day are for the month of August 2017. I have compiled the list.


IBOtoolbox is a business social platform that offers many useful tools to help independent business owners with marketing and branding themselves online with a credit based advertising system.

One of the great features is that IBO is a social networking site that allows members to comment, like and share on each others profile pages and business blog known as press releases. Each time a IBO member participates in the platform they are rewarded with a yellow star.

Once a person joins IBOtoolbox and they become an active participate contributing value to the IBO community they have the opportunity to be chosen as Featured Member of the Day ( FMOTD) and for the month of August I kept track of each member featured for each day.


Here is the list of all the members who were featured on IBO there were 31 featured members on IBOtoolbox for August 2017


August 1st
Allison King
August 2nd
Wfh Info
August 3rd
Kim Coach
August 4th
Graham Commander
August 5th
Andre Feldman
August 6th
George Pierce
August 7th
Gary Welsh
August 8th
Francis Cassady
August 9th
Velma Joseph
August 10th
Keith Dyer
August 11th
Dave Young
August 12th
Gomer Magtibay
August 13th
August 14th
Steven Anthony
August 15th
Eric Tippetts
August 16th
Melinda Grace
August 17th
Italia or Elze
August 18th
Bobby Brown
August 19th
Andres Santos
August 20th
Brian C. Cook
August 21st
Phil Schaefer
August 22nd
August 23rd
Kris Karafotas
August 24th
Ken Willis
August 25th
Charlee Newman
August 26th
Terri Pattio
August 27th
Wanda Robinson
August 28th
John Kespert
August 29th
Howie Martell
August 30th
Sharon Naraine
August 31st
Brandon Stewart
See more featured members on Bill Bateman's press releases:
If you would like to see who was featured in past months and years you can see the list from Bill Bateman who does a great job of posting a weekly list showcasing the IBO members new and old who are featured for the day and I will say I admire Bill for doing this because as I found out during the month of August keeping track of each of the featured members is really hard work but well worth it. 
I would like to say congratulations to everyone who was featured in the month of August. It was well deserved and I am wishing you continued success and look forward to seeing you featured many more times in the future.

Want to see who is featured in September? Check out more IBO featured members in the discussion forums here on the Syndication Express
Thank you for reading.  Have a wonderful day
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