See Who Was Featured on IBO in February 2018

If you were wondering who all the featured members of the day are for the month of February 2018. I have compiled the list.


IBOtoolbox is a business social platform that offers many useful tools to help independent business owners with marketing and branding themselves online with a credit based advertising system.


One of the great features is that IBO is a social networking site that allows members to comment, like and share on each others profile pages as well as write daily posts on a business blog known as a press release. Each time an IBO member participates in the platform they are rewarded with a yellow star.


Once a person joins IBOtoolbox and they become an active participate contributing value to the IBO community they have the opportunity to be chosen as Featured Member of the Day ( FMOTD) and for the month of February 2018. I kept track of each member featured for each day. 




Here is the list of all the members who were featured on IBO. 

There were 28 featured members on IBOtoolbox for February 2018. 

 Once a new member starts contributing to the community the time it takes them to be featured can happen very quickly.  This month is a short one with only 28 days.


Grant Rayner - (FMOTD) February 01st

Member Since: 3/16/2016


Kris Karafotas - (FMOTD) February 02nd

Member Since: 3/24/2011


Laurie Kay - (FMOTD) February 03rd

Member Since: 5/25/2017


Herb Ratsch - (FMOTD) February 04th

Member Since: 9/11/2015


Mike Conkey - (FMOTD) February 05th

Member Since: 1/17/2014


Al Peters - (FMOTD) February 06th

Member Since: 10/30/2012


Beti Paunoska - (FMOTD) February 07th

Member Since: 8/11/2016


Mike Mikovich - (FMOTD) February 08th

Member Since: 2/23/2013


Sharon B - (FMOTD) February 09th

Member Since: 9/13/2011


John Kespert - (FMOTD) February 10th

Member Since: 12/28/2012


Louise Kinnear - (FMOTD) February 11th

Member Since: 12/4/2016


Chery Schmidt - (FMOTD) February 12th

Member Since: 9/17/2011


Wanda K Robinson - (FMOTD) February 13th

Member Since: 2/23/2012


Eddie Garcia - (FMOTD) February 14th

Member Since: 4/28/2011


Eric Tippetts - (FMOTD) February 15th

Member Since: 2/6/2016


Italia or Elze - (FMOTD) February 16th

Member Since: 11/28/2012


Velma Joseph - (FMOTD) February 17th

Member Since: 9/4/2011


Micky Gramlin - (FMOTD) February 18th

Member Since: 10/9/2014


Bill Bateman - (FMOTD) February 19th

Member Since: 1/15/2012


Francis Cassady - (FMOTD) February 20th

Member Since: 8/11/2016


Bill Arnold - (FMOTD) February 21st

Member Since: 10/28/2017


Roberto Gianella - (FMOTD) February 22nd

Member Since: 6/19/2016


Jaye Carden - (FMOTD) February 23rd

Member Since: 11/13/2013


Kris Karafotas - (FMOTD) February 24th

Member Since: 5/30/2013


Spencer Taylor Jr - (FMOTD) February 25th 

Member Since: 8/26/2015


Melissa Diaz - (FMOTD) February 26th

Member Since: 11/20/2011


Shermone Johnson - (FMOTD) February 27th

Member Since: 6/18/2015


Dr Anil Garg - (FMOTD) February 28th

Member Since: 11/10/2017



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If you would like to see who was featured in past months and years you can see the list from Bill Bateman who does a great job of posting a weekly list showcasing the IBO members new and old who are featured for the day.  Keeping track of each of the featured members is a rewarding experience and well worth the effort. 
I would like to say congratulations to everyone who was featured in the month of February. It was well deserved and I am wishing you continued success and look forward to seeing you featured many more times in the future.



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Thank you for reading.  Have a wonderful day and Happy New Year!
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