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Sell a little LESS! Give and little MORE!


Hi Everyone,

Try LESS selling and MORE giving. Giving is the secret sauce to branding, building rapport, creating trust, and making sales. 

I may or may not be sharing a new trick that I just discovered for Facebook traffic and income.  HUH?

I am excited about it and it should work...and I wish that I had thought of it myself-grin.  But it is a hack, so I want to double-check that it is legit and legal,  It is from a trusted source, so I am confident it is OK, but it never hurts to check.  No need to mess up anyone's FB status.  

The other reason is that I want to make sure firsthand, that it works.

What I have just stated above is true and it is also how I do business.  When you share whatever it is that you are 'selling', do you homework first. Then do more giving and less selling.

Once you are sold yourself, try 'sharing' what your experience has been,  you will be 'giving' your prospects the info they need.  Help them make good buying decisions.

Thanks for reading, my friends.

Allow me to wish you much success.

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  • Hi George, thanks so much for sharing  this ...building relationships and helping others is what it's all about. 

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    Thank you, Terri.
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    Every word you have said is true. I learned a long time ago to be a Go-giver. People will be attracted to you because of your giving nature. 

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