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SEO - More Changes To Google's Algorithm.

“The sky is falling!” screamed Chicken Little. Except it isn’t just one Chicken Little but a massive mob of them, all declaring that SEO is dead.

Google has figured it all out.

Google has pushed out too many changes.

Google has shut down link building.

Google has killed SEO.

You can choose to believe it if you want. But you aren’t imagining it if you think you can hear the sound of quiet laughter somewhere in the background.

You know who’s chuckling? It’s the people that have been around the longest. People that have been doing SEO for years. Why? Because they’ve seen it before.

It’s all one big circle, and we’re back around to the part where everyone freaks out and runs around in circles screaming “the sky is falling”. Except the few who just keep at it, adapt, and amazingly (or not) continue to see success.

Sure, things change. But they stay the same, too.


The basic formula for SEO success is still:




Great content has always been powerful. The difference is, you used to be able to get away with crap content if you just bombarded your site with crap links.

Well...things are the same, but different.

Great content is still powerful. More than ever. But it’s a lot harder to get away with crap content and crap links. So guess what? Make some great content.

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SEO - Is it dead again?

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  • The only thing that's constant is change. We just have to learn how to adopt! Thanks for sharing this great information.

  • Glad to share it Terri!

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    Thank you Timothy for sharing my post.

  • I did a check on some site a few months ago and it said none of my sites were mobile friendly so would be interested to know what to do.
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    If you have a website that's not mobile friendly, feel free to contact me and I will help you to do it.

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    Definitely true Timothy. They are major factors and I do believe that Syndication Express is a plus for us. Thank you for your comment today. Have a great day.

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    Yes change is good Jack. I agree with you on that especially when Google makes them since they are the top search engine that most people go to.

  • Thanks Terri! I believe these 3 you touched on will always be a major factor.

  • Change is good. One just needs to adapt. Thanks Terri.

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    Thanks Carolyn and Merle for your comments on my post. Blessings and much success in all you do.

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