SEO – Where To Use Your Keyword Phrases

SEO – Where To Use Your Keyword Phrases

I just wanted to continue on from yesterday’s post and if you missed it you can see it here

Now that you have found your niche and done your keyword research you are now ready to use those keywords to drive traffic to your blog or website ……..

So how do you use them in the correct way that will maximize your search engine rankings and generate the traffic that you most need?

It is extremely important as to where you are going to place your keywords and keyword phrases within your website.  So let us take a look and see the various ways you can use your keyword phrases !!!

Another extremely important phase of this strategy is to optimize the pages of your blog or website with targeted keyword phrases that are specific to your page content.  The reason being for this is that search engines will index individual pages and not entire websites, so you need to optimize each page of your website to rank for a specific keyword phrase.  If you have a blog that talks about affiliate or online marketing you will need to have your pages optimized for that particular niche – e.g.

affiliate marketing programme

affiliate internet marketing

affiliate marketing

online marketing

internet marketing online

marketing online etc.

Your primary keyword phrase will be most effective if placed in the following places on your site:

  • URL or File Name (ex: filename.html or file-name.htm)
  • Title Tag of the web page
  • Header, or the heading at the top of your page (h1 tag)
  • Sub Headings (h2 or h3 tags)
  • Within the actual content on the page
  • In Anchor Texts in reference links or outbound links

For the best chances of ranking high in the search engines it is best to choose very niche specific keyword phrases.  Also in addition to your primary keyword, you should also insert two additional related keyword phrases per page.

Two plugins that will be of a great help are the All in One SEO Pack or SEOPressor for on page optimization. The most important key to remember is that you want to make sure your content is readable and that it makes sense.  Never stuff your content with keywords otherwise that is going to look spammy and the major search engines are going to be too smart for that.  If you DO go overboard with your keywords this can actually cause more harm than good and you could have your site penalized.

By getting a lot of traffic to your pages doesn’t mean a thing if your readers are not going to benefit from your content. Readers are more likely to take action when they find value in your content. This is what leads to more subscribers, optins and sales.

Your off-page optimization is just as, or even more important than your on page SEO. You want to use your targeted keyword phrases to find related sites with high authority in the search engines. Your goal is to partner, or exchange links with these top sites using your target keyword phrases as the Anchor Text for any links that point back to your web posts and pages.

An anchor text is the text that you add a hyperlink to leading back to your site. Anchor text links that direct back to your page will appear natural to Google, and it will expand the reach of your content throughout the web. The more natural inbound links you get from relevant sites that contain relevant keywords, the better your site will rank in the search engines.

In addition to external and inbound links, you will want to also optimize your internal link. Internal links are links within you own site that link to pages and posts on your site.

So to sum it up where you use your keywords can have a huge impact on the amount of traffic and visitors you attract through the search engines. Optimize your keywords, and watch your online business grow.

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