Setting Goals vs Vision

We have heard it over and over about setting goals. If you don't set them up, then you will never accomplish what you want in life.

Well here is a twist to that statement - "If you set up a goal, yet you don't believe it and it creates a bad emotion (feelings) within you, you will never get what you want".

Folks it is truly about vibrations. The way you feel.

We are all unique and therefore we are driven by different things. 

With that said, what works for some, doesn't mean it will work for you.

If goals create stress, frustration and cause you to tear yourself down, then why would you do it?

I know - society keeps preaching this as a "truth". 

If goals work for you, do it. If not - STOP!!!

For most it is better to use "Vision". 

Vision is what you see your life or situation turning out as. 

Most important - you can create a vision that is believable. You will not torture yourself like you were doing with the goals. It allows you to get clearer and truly enjoy the experience (right in this moment). Most of us really practiced this during our dating years lol (for some of you, it is still happening). 

It is easier to stay on track when things don't necessarily go as planned. Why? 

You didn't put a dead line that if it doesn't happen by this particular time, then I am a failure or whatever conversation you create (when you don't reach a goal). 

I know those of you that believe in goals will say - "that is wimpy". Set a goal and go for it. 

If that is your thought process, then "You" set a goal and go for it. 

Those that don't function that way, leave them alone and allow them to walk their own journey.

It ain't right. It ain't wrong. It's just my opinion

Your Uplifting Life Partner

Ron Simplified Myers

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  • Yeah those computers enjoy testing us, don't they :)  Glad you are back Merle

  • I am good thank you Ron. I have been absent for a few days due to computer problems !!
  • How are you Merle? Great to hear from you. I use Vision myself. Esther Hicks (law of attraction) speaks about going into the Vortex. It is a place where all good things you have mentally created are hanging out and ready to manifest (bring to reality), when we free them by believing and allowing. Thanks again

  • Excellent information Ron and I also feel the same way as Sandy that visions might work better for me as well.

  • As always Sandy, I appreciate you taking the time to visit, read and share your thoughts. Visions can be a lot of fun because you can do, be and have anything you want inside of them. And again, you could enjoy it right now in the moment and don't have to wait until it shows up. Enjoy the ride Fam 

  • Sounds like a refreshing approach, Ron!  I am thinking Visions might work better for me than goals which absolutely do stress me out. Thanks for sharing this and I will too!

  • What's up Terri? As always, you know I appreciate you and your continued support. Thanks for visiting and sharing

  • Top Member

    As always Ron you are telling it like it is. I agree that what works for you may not work for someone else. Goals and Visions are very different. When you are setting up your goals, the key is to make sure they are realistic. Short term goals means in a few months or so and long term goals is six months, a year or two down the road and requires action and you work slowly at achieving it so it won't be stressful for the person. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus. I posted on the Syndication Express blog as well.

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