Setting Your Goals for 2014

Have You Set Your Goals for 2014?
Goal Setting for 2014

Goal Setting for 2014

There are only a few days to go until 2014 and you should have your goals set for this new year !!  I hope you have yours in place …….  and have set yourself a deadline for achieving them.

Everyone has goals even if you don’t know it.  It could be that you want to change your JOB, saving for a rainy day, travelling or buy things to make your lives more enjoyable.  One important factor is that top achievers are very focused on their goals while others just think about it and don’t do it !!

As they say you have to speculate to accumulate …….  People that achieve their goals have the right mindset and tools for achieving their goals.  They invest in their business and also invest in their personal development.  Below are 10 tips for you to make your goals achievable.

1.  Goals are Reachable ….. To reach your goals the brain must know exactly what you are trying to accomplish.  Not just ‘maybe’, ‘a little bit’ or ‘a bit more’.   Your brain can help you accomplish almost anything if it know exactly what you are aiming for e.g.  if you want to stop smoking, set a specific date and stick to it.  Same with your business ‘I am going to be making $5,000 a month in 90 days’ – be specific and believe it ……

2.    Make Your Goals Simple - Many people want to do so many things at once e.g. wanting to retire to a tropical island with a big house and half a dozen cars (ok maybe a bit over the top with this one LOL) but see what I mean.  Some have a lot bigger list of goals.  Just think about it, any one of the above is a goal and with too much on your list of goals is going to become overwhelming and you probably won’t reach even one of them !!!  Set that specific goal, one at a time.  Reach it and then go on to the next goal.  Same with your online business.  Keep it simple otherwise you are going to confuse your brain.

3.    You need to really care about the goal you want to achieve.  You have to be enthusiastic, work hard and have the courage to make it happen.  You need to really, really want this goal otherwise you will get the attitude ‘don’t really care one way or the other’ ….  It has to be something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and get going, not even having to think about whether to have a coffee first, go for a walk or go and do the shopping first.  You feel you want to keep going all day long until you reach your goal.

4.    Design your goals to strategically impact as many areas of your life as possible.  By doing this you will have more reasons to reach your goal and you will be much happier and excited when you do !!

5.    Measure your goals.  If you don’t do this then your goal is just a pipe dream.  You can’t achieve a pound of desire or 12 inches of self esteem but you CAN start a business which is measurable.  A great saying is “What gets measured, gets done”.  Measure your progress until you reach that goal.  If you want to lose weight, set a goal and measure it.  It will be achievable.

6.    To reach your goal in business you need a plan, a route and the right tools to get there and your goals must be sensible.  When you tell someone about your dreams and goals it has to be able to make them get excited and draw support and encouragement.  Your goals should be just out of reach but don’t let them get out of sight !!  You want to reach out and be your best, not having to chase after impossible dreams.  Go set your goals ….. You can and will achieve them.

7.    Choose your goals that you can see.  They must be things that you enjoy and be able to clearly visualise them.  Your brain will have a hard time defining “financial security”, BUT is could visualise a healthy bank statement.  You have to excite your senses and then just GO, GO, GO for it with every bit of strength you have.

8.    A great way to achieve your goals is to have a vision board.  Look at it every day as a reminder of what you want.  Write notes on there ….  You will SUCCEED …..

9.    Share your goals.  Be part of a team or tribe so that you are all working together and supporting one another in reaching your goals.  This will increase your motivation to get where you want to be.  One work of warning though, don’t share your dreams and goals with anyone who is likely to doubt you and there are many sceptical people out there.  Get a mentor and work with those that have been there, done that and got the T Shirt …..

10.   Your reachable goals have to be consistent with your values.  A big reason why some people fail is that they have conflict between their behaviour and their values.  If your goals and values are in agreement then there will be no stopping you.  So get working on that vision board, write down your goals and see how easy it will be to achieve them.

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