Shifting Our Experiences

The Daily Meditation 08.13.2013 

Shifting Our Experiences

Lovater Harris Jones, RScP


“No matter where we are or what our circumstances or condition in life is at this moment, we may begin to travel a new road…….. 

Ernest S. Holmes

April 22, 1951

In her talk on Sunday, August 11th, entitled “Spiritual Cause and Physical Effect,” Rev. Martha said “The Divine must know Itself.  The activity of Mind is perfect, therefore it is our task to shift the experience,” if that experience is not what we would have it to be; or is perceived to be less that which we desire.   We have the power to change the picture and have a different outcome.

First, and foremost we must KNOW that the perfect solution to any problem lies within each of us.  Neville says that “your imagination is The Christ, dreaming in you and creating your world.”  Therefore, as we become conscious of our desires, we only allow ourselves to entertain lofty thoughts about our circumstances and conditions; we must dare to be selective and call forth wonderful, and magnificant images of ourselves and others, as we seek to shift our experiences, and the way we relate to those around us. 

It is true that we are mothers, wives, sweetherts, sisters, brothers. employees and employers, BUT we are so much more!  We have within us the Infinite Mind of God.  This is the very same Mind that created, sustains and maintains the Universe.  The same Mind that created the galaxies, and the planets.  The same Mind that set the Earth on its axis and flung it out into space!  We are not small, insignificant beings, relegated to a one dimensional existence, but instead joint heirs with the Christ.  We are the creation of a rich, loving and generous Heavenly Father.  We are Divine, and ALL that the Father has is ours!  As we know this, shifting our experiences becomes easier.  As we seek to shift our experiences, we do so from a place of power and with  a conscious awareness of who we are; not from a a place of fear, foreboding or timidity!

So, as we go about our activities today, we do so with an awareness of our true Divinie Self, a beloved “child” of a Loving Father!

” I know who I am.  I am a Perfect Expression of

the Indwelling Spirit of God in me.”

Lovater Harris Jones is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico


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  • So true,I have been studying God in me and I've found a lot of sense.Thanks for posting! Its super how when your studying a specific subject,you start seeing information like you were attracted to it.

  • Top Member

    Thank you Richard for sharing the daily inspiration for which we can meditate on. Happy to share it for more to see.

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