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How Aaron tricked Google With Spin Rewriter



Let me start with a fairy tale about a Spin Rewriter Software … I’m sure
you haven’t heard one in a very long while!


Once upon a time my friend Aaron asked the
struggling internet marketers how he can
help them succeed.


“We want free, high quality, unique content,” they said.



Upon hearing this, Aaron went to his cave
and no one saw him for 2 whole years!



Then, he came back — with a magical
solution, called Spin Rewriter.



In less than 3 days, he sold over 3,747
copies of spin rewriter to now very successful marketers.



The new magical solution of spin rewriter was brilliant.
And everybody lived
happily ever after with the new spin rewriter.
– How about you?




If you want to make a killing online, you
need TONS of high quality and unique content that spin rewriter can give you…



Both for your websites and for SEO. Especially
after all these nasty Google updates!



Aaron’s  spin rewriter software was developed by his team
that includes Stanford and Princeton scientists.



Spin rewriter actually UNDERSTANDS your text and creates
TONS of high quality, readable content from
your old dusty articles… with ONE click!

When we write a blog post we want that content to rank as highly with Google as possible – ideally on the first page of Google towards the top!  If we don’t get our content to rank highly on the search engines, then we will have pretty much wasted our time as nobody will find our content when they do a search!  We can use Spin Rewriter as a super powerful tool in our SEO


Spin Rewriter will completely rewrite our blog posts for us and generate multiple unique versions automatically!  All we need to do is copy and paste our original blog post into the Spin Rewriter software and in less than a minute we will have multiple unique versions of our original content at our disposal!



We are not allowed to re-create or submit the same piece of content more than once as this is classed as content duplication and Google will penalize you for it and your content will not rank.  This is why it is crucially important to generate content that is preferably at least 70% unique.



STOP wasting your money on content andWatch a Spin Rewriter demo video NOW

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