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Today it was such a rainy day here in Texas and I couldn't get on the computer because it was thundering and lightning. So I proceeded to do other things in the house. I was cleaning off my desk and ran across this letter. I can't recall where I got it from.

So I am going to share it with you today.

Which one of the four made it to heaven?

Once there was four neighbors who lived side by side. Their names were Fred Somebody, Thomas Everybody, Peter Anybody, Joe Nobody. They were very odd people and it was difficult to understand them, as well as the things they did.

Fir example, Somebody talked about the neighbors and Everybody was afraid to do anything because Somebody might find out. But Anybody knew that Everybody was talking about Somebody, too, so he was getting what he deserved.

Really it wasn't a very pleasant neighborhood. There was a time when Everybody house caught on fire. Everybody thought Somebody had called the fire department. Somebody thought that Everybody had done it, so it turned out that Nobody had called the fire department and Everybody suffered quite a loss.

All four belonged to the same church. Everybody went fishing on Sunday. Anybody wanted to worship but wasn't very friendly himself and was sure that Somebody would not speak to him, so Nobody went to church.

Nobody was the only decent one of the four. Nobody was very faithful, Nobody sung in the choir, Nobody paid the Lord's tithe. Nobody took up the offering. Nobody did the visitation in fact everything that was needed in the church, Nobody did it.

For example, they needed a Sunday School Teacher, so Everybody thought that Anybody would teach, but Somebody wouldn't do it so guess who did it? That's right Nobody!

Which of the four finally got to heaven? Nobody!

Now after reading this, what's really important to you.

I think of Matt. 22: 37 & 38 which says "He said to him: You must love God with your whole heart and whole soul and with your whole mind. This is the greatest and first commandment."

I know what's important to me. Imitating Jesus Christ and following his example by loving God as he did. What did he do? He remained faithful and obedient to God until his death. 

With God all things are possible.

Terri Pattio

MLM Coach

Mentor with a servant's heart

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  • Liked and shared for you Terr1!

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    I'm glad you liked it Merle. I appreciate you for taking the time to read it and sharing your thoughts here today.

  • Love that story Terri, thank you for sharing it with us.

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    Thank you Alzora and I appreciate you for reading and sharing your thoughts here today. I wish you a great day with many blessings forever.

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