Start 2013 off right with a solid company, Have you ever thought of starting your own business. There many factors to consider.

1.How solid is the company? SfI is as solid as they come, customer care and the forum is avaible to answer questions.

2.Is the compensation plan easy to assess? SFI has an easy to read compensation plan, take advatage of each one if you wish.

3.How much is the start up cost? No start up cost, the first month you can earn a commission, so long as you have at least 1500 V-points.

4.Do you need support and guidence? With a great upline you will get great support. I have a great support team thru SFI

5.Does the company have a record of paying? You will find in the forum many people testimonal's of getting paid.

6.How long has the company been in business? Since 1998 SFI has been in business and paying.

7.Does the company have more than one way to earn? SFI has 11 different ways to earn.

8.Does the company offer great products to promote? Would you buy these products yourself? SFI has great products and more added daily.
I have personally brought products that I enjoy.

9.Will your business be global? SFI is set up on a global scale, now matter what country you are from you can earn with SFI.

10.How will you receive your commissions? SFI has several ways for you to get paid, you pick the best one for you.

New and exciting things are happening at SFI as the new year has started. SFI is always adding more and more ways to enhance it service's
and give you the tools and products to succeed. The first month you learn about the different facuts of SFI and how to earn, gain affilates.
You also learn how to be a leader, with your own backoffice packed with learning material and advertising tools.

Remember with any business, you have to be patient and learn how to run your business. It takes hard work and dedication to build any
worthwihile buisness, and make a profit. SFI give's you the opportunity to do just that.

Take a look around the SFI back office and see for yourself, so much to learn about marketing. Many people to help you succeed.

Proud SFI Associate: Christine Forsythe,

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  • Excellent blog Christine, and thank you so much for commenting on my blogs. Shared to twitter and liked for you...

  • All the best for 2013 Christine

  • Thank you everyone for your great comments and share's. Wishing everyone a great 2013.

  • Yes hard work and dedication is definitely the key to success.  I was with SFI many years ago but knew nothing about online marketing at that time so was just jumping from company to company.  Thanks for sharing this information.

  • Top Member

    Your presentation about your business is excellent. I wish you all the best in 2013. Shared your post Christine. Have a fantastic day.

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