Stop Resisting: Law of Allowing

Most are spending a lot of time studying and learning the law of attraction. What I have come to understand is the “law of allowing” is where everyone is struggling.

The “law of attraction” is the “ah ha” moment. It is the awakening (understanding) that you create and attract everything that is in your life. The way you do that is by what you “focus” on.

Now you have a choice. Either you deny it and continue to blame others for your life or you accept it and take responsibility for your life.

Once you come to grips with the fact that everyone has a free “will”, then you understand why some things will occur around you that you did not create. People are creating around you at all times. How you perceive the things around you will determine what actions you take and therefore how you allow others “actions” to affect you.

Haven’t you noticed there are certain people that always seem to run into trouble?
Aren’t there others that it seems like trouble just avoids them?

They leave the party just before the fight breaks out. They leave work before the customer that chews everyone out comes in. Everything they touch turns into “Gold”. These are not coincidences. The vibrations that each of us is setting forth at every moment is what creates what we call “reality”.

That pretty much sums up the “law of attraction”.

Where people are having their challenges is in their willingness to “stop resisting” the law. That brings us to the “law of allowing”. This is where all the work is. Why? The law of attraction works whether you believe it or not, agree with it or not. Your resistance is why you will continue to get what you say you “really really don’t want”.

It ain’t right. It ain’t wrong. It’s just my opinion.

Your Uplifting Partner
Ron “Simplified” Myers

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  • Thank you Cindy for the tweet and the feedback. You are awesome my friend.

  • You're right Ron that it is the resisting that holds us back. Tweeted for you.

  • Hi Ron, I am great thank you.  Will try not to make the same mistake again LOL

  • How are you Merle? I knew what you meant - lol  I want to thank you for reading and giving feedback on my blog. It is appreciated.

  • Sorry I meant Ron. I keep doing this LOL

  • Great post Ann and agree with Terri. Love the way you have explained it.

  • What's up Ann? I appreciate your time and of course you sharing the information. You are incredible my friend.

  • Thanks Terri. You know I always appreciate your support and sharing.

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    Hello Ron you've done it again. This post is the truth and on point. I have shared this post in all the relevant places for more to see. Keep it up my good friend. Have a great week.

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