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"Cigarette smoke and smoking  is risky to your health". Even if this declaration is propagate almost everywhere we cannot refuse the fact that you will find loads of individuals who are chain-smokers. Just lately, it is now obvious that there are loads of people  who are already chain-smokers. Think about how infected it has become that even infants as young as 2 yrs. old would smoking four packages a day due to second hand smoke . I wonder how they were brought up by their mother and father considering that they are suffering from that state from their life. This is fairly much a common case especially in Southern China like Philippines. Officially, it has been revealed that as of when, there are a large number of infants who are so into smoke smoking smoking right now.

Aside from that, there are drawbacks in smoke smoking smoking namely it decreases your IQ or otherwise known as (Intelligence Quotient) and improves your stage of pressure. According to some scientists, it is obvious that men who used more than a load up per day had a typical IQ of 90. Not only that, it also improves stage of pressure over the time rather than soothing your nerve fibres which was lately found by some scientists. Although before it was confirmed that it decreases pressure but then modern research is the real reverse of decreasing stage of pressure. But what are the ways to quit this habit? What are the products to decrease such habit? Here are some tips to consider in fixing this issue.

Seek support:
I know that it is not easy to quit from something that you have been doing ever since before. I guidance you to search for for assistance before it gets toughest. Hence, call your best friend or someone who is close to you and motivate you to give up smoke smoking smoking. In this way, you will avoid yourself from such addiction because you have ethical assistance. Otherwise, you can be a part of a community perhaps and get linked with individuals who are also suffering from such issue and be able to work hand-in-hand.

Have a healthy diet:
In most situations, this kind of addiction eliminates poisons from your body system and so it also kicks out power as well. Stay hydrated at least 8 to 10 spectacles a day and adhere to the meals chart. However, do not go crazy on meals such as fast meals because you are in a pursuit of eating the right types of meals. Thus, eat fruit and veggies to keep you going.

Take multi-vitamins:
Even if you are not tired or what, everyone must take natural vitamins to avoid getting illnesses out from nowhere. Yes, you may experience healthy these days but then you do not know that inside your system is a tragedy. Cigarette smokers are vulnerable to illnesses since it improves their stage of pressure, decreases their power, as well having the risky of united states. Hence, it is suggested to take multi-vitamins because as what they say "Prevention is better than cure".

Consequently, we must take proper ourselves and quit this addiction before we repent. Yes, it may experience like it is the end of the world once you give up smoke smoking smoking but then it is for your own excellent. So say no to smoking and yes to activities.

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  • This is a great article Anthony.  As a smoker myself for the last 54 years it is an extremely hard addiction to give up.  I have quit many times over the years.  One thing I have done to cut down is I make my husband and myself go into the garden to smoke which isn't very nice in the winter!!  But I also bought an electronic cigarette which is a great help but I truly hope I can quite soon.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Top Member

    Hello Anthony I agree that smoking is bad for you. There are so many obvious reasons why people should quit, the number one reason is because it's very addictive and people experience withdrawals when they try to quit. I realized this because I witnessed my father quitting and then starting back again. I'm guessing that it was really hard for him since he began smoking as a teenager. He passed away at the age of 72 and was still smoking. I appreciate reading your article on why people should quit. I will share your information for you.

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