Suck At Writing Emails?

When I got started out online, I was
told I needed 3 things.
1) a blog.
2) an auto-responder
3) to email my list 2x / day, every day.
Here's why this matters to you...
And this is CRUCIAL if you're
even THINKING of buying a Blog
What you really need to be doing
is making a decision about who you
want to do business with.
So to make your decision easier, and
help you at the same time....
You need to understand that making
ANY sort of money online boils down
to a few super-simple skills.
And these skills coincidentally all
tie in to the 3 things I was told to get
-- over 2 years ago.
The 3 steps are:

leads.  If you're not capturing
the information (name/email etc) from those
who visit your website or respond to an ad...
You're leaving money on the table.
(hint:  That's what your blog is for)

2) COMMUNICATE with your leads.  The
majority of your sales will come after you've
been in your prospect's face for a long time.
Most sales don't come from the first visit !
Just like you don't buy a house the first time
you see it -- most of  your sales will come
AFTER  you've shown your offer to your leads
many many times....
(hint:  That's what you auto-responder is for)


3) CONVERT your leads into sales.  If you're
getting leads from your blog, or any other way
you're marketing... and you're communicating
with your prospects over time (effectively)...
Then you SHOULD be converting those 'leads'
into 'prospects' and your 'prospects' into 'sales.
Simple.... Right?
(hint:  That's what your EMAILS are for...)
Whether directly or indirectly, your emails are
the GLUE that holds your business together.
They are the nourishment you provide your list.
They are where your connections are made.
Problem is (and always has been)...

... Most People SUCK At Writing EMAILS!!
See I was told to email 2x a day, every day
without fail.
Which I did -- non-stop - daily - 2x a day.
And I still do.
Because it works.
But it's taken me over 2 years, and thousands
of dollars in training to be able to do it myself...
And you don't have years to get 'good'... yes, you
want to learn how, and study and practice over time.
But in order to do that you need the tools...
I just got access to a new software program that will actually help you to build your list. 
You'll get 5 of the best converting squeeze pages online, and some instruction on how to get people to join your list.  
You're going to love it - and best part... it's not gonna cost you anything.  :) 
Sound cool - then you can get your free account so you can build your list,so you have prospects to email.

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