The Daily Meditation 09.27.2013


Kathy Azar, RScP


I was speaking with a young woman today who commented on the fact that she felt like she had no control over the many aspects of change going on in her life.  She said that she felt like all she could do was to do her best, follow her instincts and then trust that it all would work out.  For me this brings to mind the concept of surrendering and knowing that divine right action is always taking place.  So this is the topic for my Spiritual Mind Treatment today.

I absolutely know that there is but One magnificent power in the universe, One absolute Presence, One infinite Life, and One pervasive Love.  This One is the visible and the invisible, the formed and the unformed.  I choose to call this source God.  God is in, around and through all things.  We are always and in all ways immersed in God’s loving presence.

And I know that I am one with that Source.  I am a beautiful manifestation of God in form walking this earth.  I affirm that there is only one life, that life is divine and I realize that life is mine.  And as I know this to be true for me, I know it to be true for each and every one of you.  You are beautiful manifestations of God in form walking this earth.  You are one with the Divine  All of the wonderful attributes of God’s goodness reside in you.

So I surrender.  I surrender to each event and activity that comes into my life knowing that it is for the perfect outworking of my highest good.  I trust my intuition fully knowing that it is God’s voice speaking to me and guiding me.  As I surrender and release any fears, doubts and anxieties, I listen and follow the lead that comes to me as I am divinely directed.  I absolutely affirm that my life is unfolding in divine perfection and that divine right action is taking place right here right now!  Divine love goes before me making my way clear and smooth and any obstacles in my path are simply growth opportunities for me to surrender my concerns completely.  I know it is all good and it is all God.

I am so very grateful for this knowing.  I am grateful for the teachings of Science of Mind that allow me to know that I have the ability to co-create my life.  I am grateful for my ability to surrender any illusions I might have regarding fear or limitations.

And so with a deeply grateful heart, I release my words out into the Universal Law,  fully know that they cannot come back void for I have spoken them so.  And so it is!!

Kathy Azar is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
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  • The Awesome Power of Surrender.  Thanks for sharing this great wisdom.  Liked and Shared.

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