Switch off your camera’s access to GPS to protect your privacy

I know this is everywhere.. You can never be too careful.

Do you take photos with your smartphone and post them online?

Innocent photos of your children, or snapshots of family get-togethers that you want to remember are common on social media sites.

However these photos pose a serious and dangerous privacy risk.

Your smartphone automatically stores the location where the photos were taken.

Thieves and criminals can find the exact location where your photos were taken, via the GPS on your smartphone--- Whether that’s your child’s bedroom or your favorite restaurant.

Anyone can easily translate these “geo-tags” through browser add-ons that are completely free to download. These add-ons or apps turn the geo-tags into mapped locations and make it easier

for human eyes to determine the location.

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SWITCHING OFF your camera’s access to GPS to protect your privacy:

IPHONE owners : go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

From there you can flip the master switch to turn locations Location Services On or Off entirely. If you prefer to keep these on- as you would to use map, navigation, or compass apps - scroll down and flip the button for the camera to off.

Location Services: This section will display the list of apps that have requested your location.

You can also find out which App has used location services recently OR in the last 2 hours with the help of the location services icon.

*  A PURPLE location services icon will appear next to an item that has recently used location services.

*  A GRAY location services icon will appear next to an item that has used your location within the last 24 hours.

*  An OUTLINED location services icon will appear next to an item that is using a geofence ( like the Reminders App).

Android owners can accomplish the same thing by opening the camera’s app, go to Settings  and switch off the GPS tagging option  - ( this is a location pin icon you can tap ). Now the only ones who know every place you’re visiting and snapping photos is you.

Stay safe

Maria Brown

Xpress Healthcare

Another great way to be safe:

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