Swom Review

What is Swom?

Swom stands for Super Word-of-Mouth and is a social networking sites for home-business professionals.
At Swom you can meet new prospects – thousands of internet marketers meet here – they can
be your next customer or Joint-Venture partner!
Create your own group on the Swom Network – give exposure of your business or opportunity and
meet new customers.
Twitter link – post messages to Twitter directly from Swom – put your marketing on auto-pilot!
Affiliate program – generous 70% payout on commissions from Swom in an advanced social networking affiliate program!
Swom is such a fantastic tool to help you connect with other networkers,
At Swom, you have all of this and then some. And now, you can build relationships to help build your business with other Swom members.

Benefits Of Being A Swom Gold Member

Alright we will take it step by step.
Swom Dashboard
This is where most of the action is happening. Swom consist of people mostly posting videos or comments asking you to like or vote up their Swom video.
There are those who are networking with each other to build on going relationships,but this is rare.
You will see the occasional person posting links to their blog trying help create value. You will actually lose points for such things.
You can also add paid advertising in the form of banners on the Swom dashboard.
Not much results with that here on my end.
Your Swom personal profile
The good thing about your profile on Swom is you can add your about me section and also unlimited number of businesses your in as a gold member,only one as a free member.
This goes along with your average social media marketing strategies.You know,build relationships in the hope that people will check out your profile and click on your business links,which rarely happens on Swom.
Swom videos
This is where you can search for or even add your own videos to Swom for more exposure or to earn points once your Swom video is voted up.
Swom open university
A great place to ask questions or use your knowledge to give answers and earn points which turns into cash.
Swom groups
Swom groups is a great way to network with like minds by inviting your contacts.
Other Swom places
The advertising tab where you can buy advertisng.
The income tab where you can check your affiliate and activity earnings.

My Opinion Of Swom

The Truth About Swom

While I think Swom is a great social site for people looking to make some extra money by promoting the site and earning points,I don’t believe it’s a very good for a social marketing strategy for your current business.
Most Swom members are only there to earn points by liking and voting up videos or adding their own.
That’s just my opinion and might not agree and who know you might even like Swom better than myself.
You can check Swom out yourself here
If your like me and your looking for social media sites to market your online business click here to get on my social profits email list.
I will give you free training and resources to promote in these social media I recommend.

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  • Point well taken Terri.

  • Top Member

    I will be totally honest with you Timothy, since your post is not all that favorable for Swom then why go to the trouble of writing this post. I know it's a review, however you did give some value at the end for people to check out your Swom profile. You know where my heart lies, and that is with Syndication Express. I want SE to be where bloggers and articles writers can come and get branding, exposure and traffic to their primary blog or website. I believe the site has proven to do just that. Glad to have you in the community. I wish you well in all  you do.

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