Digital marketing is a volatile business model, and internet advertisers often find themselves spending a majority of their term reacting to changes in search engine modifications and looking for new ways to integrate company and product information into content.

The most important aspect of any digital marketing effort is, of course, SEO Link Building. As users and technology become more savvy, it is no longer enough to simply add keywords to existing documents. Blog and article syndication is emerging as the next generation of SEO Link Building.

Because Google Panda is able to identify and omit content scraping from search results, syndication must be developed in a way to promote unique and valued content to readers. One way is to use guest blog posts that link to an authority site. This authority must be a website that is identified via other

SEO syndicated content.

A great way to avoid site-scraper identification via Google Panda is to utilize a high-quality content syndication for SEO Link Building. For example, Syndication Express, a network of content creators who work together to market via social networking and exchanges of guest blog posts. These methods, as well as others, pull together the work and insights of many experts in SEO Link Building and identify new and exciting means of distributed content, and, thereby, marketing products and services via the internet.

Syndication Express networks are also exceptionally valuable to those interested in SEO Link Building because the exchange of ideas and strategies is an effective way to consider competitors when developing content. This type of transparency can only help all digital marketing bloggers.

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