Taking Control Of The Situations

A few yrs ago I worked with a cleaning company. We started cleaning the court houses and when they needed someone to clean new buildings they just signed up with I was the only one who took the extra jobs. I did get one of the girls to help me in some of the buildings but everyone seemed to only want to work eight hrs and then go home. I kept up with all the supplies for all the buildings and I sent out all the workers hours every week.

  I was working in two courthouses everyday  with others helping, going to a watch tower and clean there every other day. Some days I would have help other days I worked alone. I worked at a church that had three buildings with four floors in one building,three floors in another and two floors. Plus, a gym, and  two racketball courts during the evenings. Again somedays I had help and somedays I did all these buildings on my own. When I worked at the church after all the work was done I would play basketball or workout alittle either being alone or who ever was with me. That was the fun time at night. 

  I'm the type of person that when I start cleaning I'm not done unless I got every spot I could find. I can make a nasty building look brand new. I wasn't the type that just does basics then leave or barely work and then leave. I like to feel that I did a great job by the time I leave.

  When my supervisor moved up to a another position I got his job but I was only in charge of the courthouses. No one liked that I got the supervisor position but I was the only who wanted to work more then eight hrs and that's what they needed. 

I'm used to working alot of hours so it didn't bother me to work more for this cleaning company. 

My point in sharing this story is when something needs to get done, you gotta take control of it and get it done the best way you know how. If I didn't do what needed to get done it would have been a mess or more problems to deal with. 

It's the samething with your business, you need to get your daily duties done or whatever you have setup or else you will be backed up or your business will not grow. It's important to take care of all things that need to be done. It shows your a responsible person. Shows your a leader that can get things done.

If you haven't heard about Plexus Slim already, I would like to share with you why I made it my business.  Taking control of my health gave me a chance to have my own business, Thank The Lord!

  I have a friend she has fibromyalgia,arthritis disease and she was in a very painful state where she could not move, If she moved at all she would cry it hurt so bad. The doctors gave her medications but it wasn't helping. She would double her medications and still no relief from the pain. She would wake me up late at night needing help because she's in so much pain and can't even open her medication bottles. Had to help put the patches on her because she couldn't raise her arms.  Then she started plexus slim and got the help she needed. I saw that it helped her and another girl was talking about how it helped her with a list of sickness that she had.

  I ordered the nerve health support for my nerves and later I joined to become an ambassador. Now I'm getting everything I needed for my hypoglycemia, I have lost weight and nerve damage. I get the healing I wanted and I have my own business.  It has always been my dream to have my own business and now I have it. 

   I work part time on my fortune, This is the one job I don't have to work crazy hours. Now it's switched around for me. I don't have to work alot of hours and I have more time to do whatever I wish to do. I can travel whenever I wish to. I don't have any time sheets to turn in, no calling in, no getting up early, no overtime.  I love it. 

You heard that saying Profits are better then wages? It's true and it will change your life and you can make lots of money if you realize this fact.

For things to change you have to change. 

Why do people rather suffer then to  take the chance on getting the help they need?

Are you ready for that healing that you need?

Because of the suffering it causes you not to be able to work. Having to go in debt because of the suffering getting in the way makes it a miserable time.

www.drd.myplexusproducts.com/ Ambassador # 139204 

If you have any questions contact me anytime 

Thank You for reading and God Bless

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