Tech Careers in Cryptocurrencies

Looking for a job in Bitcoin? Here are some 2018 Employment Trends


According to the news on the web demand for Bitcoin, and Crypto-related jobs are surging. Now is the time to get hired in the financial services industry. Due to the popularity of Cryptocurrency Trading, more start-ups are looking for people interested in Blockchain related job openings.
Even if you are a non-techie type of person you will find a place in this growing opportunity. The number of people who are becoming Bitcoin Exchange Subscribers will only continue to increase as the stock prices of digital currencies explode on the financial markets.
The cryptocurrency technology and software industry are hiring and Job applicants are needed at Bitcoin Exchanges such as Coinbase, Unocoin, Coinsecure, Gemini, and GDAX. 
For example, Investment Banks need Ethereum Solidity Developers and Programmers, as well as people to run areas of senior management, customer service, and digital marketing.
No matter how people may feel about this economic trend the opportunities that it presents can't be ignored. Reports have been made that digital Cryptocoins is the currency of the future and big companies such as Goldman Sachs is jumping on board.
For 2018 you can add to your resume by getting experience and learning about Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies. 
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  • Hey Robin and Terri, yes this is an industry that is really growing in demand and companies are hiring which is going to be great for the economy. Thank you for the comments. Have a wonderful day.

  • Top Member

    I believe bitcoins and crytocurrency is the future and I'm definitely involved in this industry. I did my homework and learned all about this exciting industry. People must realize the potential that's here for employment opportunities too. Thank you Laurie for publishing your blog post about the crytocurrency industry. It's very lucrative and the future. BTW I reposted it on the SE blog to give it more exposure so more people can read it. 

  • Top Commentor

    Laurie, this is an interesting article about careers in the Cryptocurrency Market.  When Bitcoin first came about, people didn't think it would amount to much.  It peaked my interest but I'm sorry I didn't take action on  it back then.  But it's never to late, and with the growth comes other benefits such as actually obtaining a career in this growing field.  

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