The 3 Steps To Achievement

1st step to achievement is...proper mental attitude.

Do you mentally "see" your action and its result before you start? Do your thoughts flow together in harmony? Are you prepared to counter any negative thought with a positive thought?

How focused are you? Are you easily distracted?

Do you know that confidence comes from believing that you can accomplish your goal, not from the end result?

The answers you provide to these questions will tell you where you currently are & what you need to improve.

You CONTROL the outcome!

2nd step to achievement is...formulation of a realistic plan.

In EVERY activity you undertake, you WILL reach a point you feel you cannot go beyond; the hesitation point. That may or may not be true...depending on what you believe about yourself & how prepared you are for that moment. At one point you couldn't walk though you had a desire to. Instinctively, you formed a realistic plan, followed that plan & began to walk. It's the same with every activity you have had success with.

Monetary success is no difference. It is imperative to compose an honest paradigm to follow, along with the absolute belief you can, to reach your success plateau. Connect with those YOU see as successful (not someone else's idea of) & absorb from those individuals what will allow you to comfortably move beyond that hesitation point.

Repeat this "procedure" when you reach your next hesitation point & you will "see" there truly are no barriers precluding you from your idea of success but...non-compliance to your plan.

It is & always will be up to you in what direction your life goes. The proper plan will propel you to your goals. No plan or an unrealistic plan will result in disappointment & frustration.

3rd step to achievement is...ACTION!

You now have the proper mental attitude & the best plan for you. Now you have to put that plan into motion. You have to take action!

At this step, you may feel doubt or fear or trepidation. With the proper attitude, plan & desire to act, you can quickly move pass this. Procrastination is simply being fearsome of the unknown. "How will I do...?" "Am I good enough?" "Will I be ridiculed?"

The only way you will learn the answers to such questions is to...JUST DO IT! If you fall...get up. If you're ridiculed...remember ridicule is no more than someone else's opinion & laugh. No one is perfect...especially the ones who ridicule. All make mistakes. At times, all fall short.

You only grow through effort. Without effort, you will truly atrophy. If you put nothing into motion, nothing will be achieved.

The decision is yours. Believe in your decision, stay your course & you will create your reality.

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  • Excellent article Everett.  Thanks for sharing these tips with us.  Liked and Shared.

  • Good post, Everett...very clearly presented and good reminders for us all...:)

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