The 6 Benefits of Possibility Thinking

Possibility Thinking Actually Increases Your Possibilities

Most people who embrace the art of possibility thinking are quite capable of accomplishing tasks which seem to be impossible just because they Believe in Solutions.  They don’t spend time worrying because they understand that there is nothing beneficial which comes from it.  3818708825?profile=original

In fact, Norman Vincent Peale made a statement that you should sit down and take worry apart.  He even said that 94 per cent his own worries never manifested themselves.  They were only in his mind.

“Better never trouble trouble

Until trouble troubles you.

For you’re sure to make your trouble

Double trouble when you do.

And your trouble, like a bubble,

That you’re troubling about,

May be nothing but a cipher

                                            With the rim rubbed out.”  –Dr. Keppel

So stay away from worry and focus on Possibility Thinking at all times.  There are many benefits which you will receive from it.    You see, becoming a Possibility Thinker is more than just refusing to let yourself worry or be negative. If you want to believe something, you can give yourself permission to believe, no matter what anyone else says.  Possibility Thinking is even possible in a negative situation.

“Nothing is Impossible to those who Believe.”

“The word impossible is not in my dictionary.”  –Napoleon Bonaparte

Becoming a Possibility thinker will allow you to do the following:

1.  Dream Big Dreams

2.  Attract People and Opportunities Towards You

3.  See The Possibilities In Every Situation

4.  Rise Above Average

5.  Gives you energy

6.  Keeps you from becoming a Quitter

Always involve yourself with something that’s bigger than you are, because that’s where Possibility Thinking takes place.  Every great success was, at the beginning thought “Impossible,” until the Impossible was replaced with “Possible.”  Remember to look for the Possibilities in Every Situation.

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Possibility Thinking

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  • great post Angela. Becoming a possibility thinker also makes one a positive thinker

  • I like possibilities.  Even if it seems like that thing could never happen.  Hearing 'never' can't, won't and impossible just makes me remember all this people who were told that and succeeded.  Keep singing in the rain. 

  • Great article Angela, very helpful especially since I am a constant worrier. Thank you for reminding me to always be positive. Shared your post on twitter.

  • I like this post and I will share. I always try to expand what possible for my life.

  • Thank you all for your comments and shares.  Give me a moment to learn this system and I'll catch up.  Great to meet all of you.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Very inspirational post, I don't think the word impossible should be in your mouth either, just like the word I can't. Thanks for the lovely movement of positivity.

  • I love this! Thank you and welcome aboard SE.

  • Top Member

    I like and sharing your post for many more to read. It's great to have you here Angela and I look forward to reading more from you.

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