The Art Of Providing Value For Generating Leads

Leads are essentially your clients. Adding values to your leads distinguishes your business from that of your competitiors and is an art on its own. If done correctly, not only your leads will stay loyal your leads will also increase tremendously!

Step 1:  Identify the areas in which your clients value, from both yours and your competitors’ products or services. This is when social networks such as Facebook or Twitter become helpful. You can get your responses within seconds!

Step 2: At the same time, list down the aspects in which you are doing better or worse than your competitors. Assess your offers in terms of accessibility, usability, timeliness, quality, customisability, flexibility and reusability.

Step 3: Shortlist several aspects which you find more cost-effective to work on. Discuss your new ideas with your existing clients to validate their needs. Evaluate their costs and their associated costs and benefits. It is important that you do not take into account those activities that can be done as effectively by others.

Step 4: Decide which idea is the most appropriate and most effective way to increase the value. Your choice must fulfil the IRIC criteria, i.e. Increase (revenue, profit, share, efficiency), Reduce (cost, time, effort, conflict), Improve (productivity, process, skills, information) and Create (strategy, system, product, service). Typically these are the areas where your clients expect to see improvements. Develop your plan and timelines, then work on it!

Step 5:
Communicate your added values to your clients through marketing strategies.  Make sure your added values are visible to your leads who visit your websites. Explain how these added values would help them to gain more.

Step 6: Evaluate your effort and gather feedback from your clients. This allows you to fine-tune your offers and marketing strategies. Be responsive to queries or confusions raised by your leads.

Adding values in your leads shows that you are concerned and genuinely want to share your knowledge with them – it is the key factor in leads generation!


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