The Beauty of Small Steps

Begin with Little - Acquire Much!


There is a powerful principle in taking small steps.  Most people aren't moving forward, simply because they are not willing to step out an take a chance.

Don't be afraid of taking small steps.  Everything begins with one step at a time. The Impossible is simply the untried.  Don't worry about the goal, just take the steps that will take you past the starting point, and soon you will get to a "point of no return."

As you climb higher, you'll be able to see much farther. You see, we must first grow where we've been planted and then tested to see if we able to handle success.

Don't be afraid!  Don't worry about the fear of being a "Has Been" or a failure.  It is the failures that leap us forward to success, if, we don't quit.

Everything big starts with something little, although at the beginning the "little steps necessary to get there," looks awful Big!  Little goals add up, and they tend to add up rapidly.  Fear of the unknown has kept many people from even trying.  To them, the final goal seems so unreachable that it keeps you from even making an effort.

Give yourself a chance and make the decision to start, this alone puts you at the half way mark.

Remember this:  Even the most precious of all gems need to be chiseled and faceted to achieve its best luster. 


Taking small steps brings about Change.  Change of your future.

1.  It will no longer be like the past
2.  It will not be exactly the way you thought
3.  It will take place faster than you imagined

The beauty of taking small steps is that these steps will bring you into a better future filled with Hope.

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Angela Valadez

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  • Very good advice Angela and so true about taking small steps at first.  You don't have to rush it and take jumps - thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you both Ann and Dr. Gianmichael for such lovely and inspiring comments. Have a great day!

  • Thanks Terri.  

  • Top Member

    Angela you are on point with this post. I enjoyed reading your post and love your writing style. I have surely shared this everywhere so many more people will see and know who you are. Keep it real dear.

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