The Greatest Marketing Campaigns of All Time

The Greatest Marketing Campaigns of All Time

This Is A Guest Author Post By Diana Smith

When we think in terms of what’s best we set the bar so high that not even in our minds we can be sure what fits into this category.

That’s why it gets pretty hard to single out only one marketing campaign to have the title of the best one. Everything gets even more competitive in the world we live in – one with so much great content that it’s getting harder and harder to stand out. Speaking of – what makes a marketing campaign stand out? Firstly, that surely is the impact they have on the brand. Secondly, we have provoking the emotion of wonder, shock, joy, inspiration, surprise, compassion, motivation, a sort of awakening. The campaigns we love and remember are those that are authentic, inspiring, and transcendent and with a story that successfully targets the desired audience. There are a lot of memorable campaigns we’ve loved through years and we give you some of our favorites.

We would like to start with “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” campaign. This was a wonderful social experiment that showed women around the world they are gorgeous just the way they are. As Susan Credle, who is chief creative officer at Leo Burnett, put it: “The most memorable spots don’t just make us laugh or cry. They change a conversation.”

When buying a product, just like when choosing a partner, you need to have an emotional reaction to what’s in front of you. In today’s world, a brand is highly unlikely to exist without some empathy. Timing or place isn’t everything. If there isn’t a connection between a buyer and a product, the product falls on deaf ears. The best example of this is Extra Gum’s “Origami.” As the commercial unfolds, we are presented with the image of a loving father teaching his daughter to make origami with what seem to be paper wrappers. There are several images of the girl growing up, yet the tradition of origami is still there. Viewers are still in suspense of what the commercial is about and we surely don’t expect what it turns out to be. At the end of commercial, as the girl is packing for college, the father accidentally drops a box full of origami doves the daughter saved. “Sometimes the little things last the longest.” is the voiceover closing the campaign. And… it’s for gum! Would you ever expect that level of emotion for a gum ad? Of course you wouldn’t. But it makes a point. And we love it!

Whoever failed to have a reaction to Guinness commercial of 2013 is either a robot or absolutely heartless. The commercial features six men in wheelchair playing an intense game of basketball. At the end of the game we learn that only one out of six players has an actual physical disability and that others were playing in a wheelchair just for the sake of friendship and support. After the game is over, six friends enjoy a few post-game beers, and the voiceover says: “The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.” Wow!

Check Out The Video HERE ………

A campaign that sure crushes female stereotypes is for toy company GoldieBlox. The three girls pictured in the commercial seem bored with a typical girly show they are watching on TV and are deciding to make some fun on their own. They engineer a rather thoughtful, insightful, complicated and genius system to turn the TV off – just to show they can! If you go to The GoldieBlox website you’ll read: “We believe there are a million girls out there who are engineers. They just might not know it yet. We think GoldieBlox can show them the way”. Amazing!

Check Out The Video HERE ……..

These ads and campaigns are just some of the many brilliant ones out there. If you are thinking of making a wonderful campaign of your own, you should know you can do it through fliers, videos, Facebook ads, interesting promotional products and many other ways that your brand manager will update you on.

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    Much success for you Merle.

  • Thank you Terri.

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    Your post is very informative Merle. Thanks again for sharing it in the community.

  • Thank you Terri and yes totally agree that it is the emotions that make it memorable which is what we need to do ourselves.

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    Thank you Merle for taking the time to write this post and I enjoyed looking at the videos you provided. They stirred up a lot of emotion in me and this is what your campaigns must do. The emotions is what makes it memorable, so people won't forget  the brand. It will stand out in a person's mind and this will make your business a success.

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