The Importance Of Alternative Therapies!

What are some of the "alternative treatments" available to us all and why are they important.
Here is my list of the most important therapies:

1. Nutrition
2. Health Education
3. Lifestyle Modifications              
4. Massage Therapy
5. Biofeedback
6. Relaxation techniques
7. Acupuncture
8. Homeopathy
9. Chiropractic

The first four treatments have been around for a thousand years. These treatments are the primary basis for health in every culture in the world. Yet we have somehow set many of these treatments on the outskirts of the mainstream practice.

The importance of these therapies is to treat the body as a whole, rather than parts.  When looking at your health, you really need to consider body, mind, emotions, and spirit. All of these parts function together as one. This philosophy is based on Holism.

Once we become strong in our health we then experience true wellness. How do we do this? Simply by increasing our awareness, purpose, and the kind of life that deserves quality and the knowledge to make better choices.

Adding all the alternatives to our daily living can give us the Synergy we need to interact with the world and with others we surround ourselves with.

So what is the first step? Include nutrition to your bodies' cells in order to moderate the stress response. This will  help to improve your overall sense of well-being.

 In the end , wellness is all about experiencing yourself as a Wonderful Person! You are that wonderful person! Enjoy your day and thanks for reading.

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~Deana Hodell
Licensed Massage Therapist

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  • I have used accupuncture many times.  A vet I used to work for used it on horses.  So, if you think you have to "believe" it works, you do not.  I have seen great results from accupuncture.  I have yet to master relaxation techniques. Thanks for sharing these alternative therapies.

  • I truly believe in alternative medicine Deana.  Great article with some valuable tips.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

  • I totally agree Deana, Alternative Therapies is a much much better option then the " Take a pill and keep it moving" strategies. Also with that method-(take a pill) there's a likely chance of Liver Damage down the line. Liked, tweeted and shared on Google+ for you. Much Continued Success & Blessings.

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