The Lemonade Principle

The Lemonade Principle is about entrepreneurs who take chance events, or unforseen circumstances,  in their lives or businesses and turn them into advantages. 


As a kid growing up with parents who always stressed entrepreneurship and encountered a lot of lemons until they got it right, was when the phrase, "turning lemons into lemonades" became clear to me.  As a budding teenage entrepreneur myself, I dabbled in fashion designing and met with quite a few lemons, but learn how to turn those lemons into lemonade. That lemonade became my source of supplemental income throughout my college years and my first fifteen years on my J.O.B..  It is my belief that all of us, if we are pushed against the well, will be the first to bring out our lemonade stand. :-) Lol! Maybe we are just wired that way.


In our online businesses, some of us experience unexpected events that cn be devastating. So how do we deal with these unexpected events?  We pull deep from somewhere in our schema the words, "when life serves us lemons, we make lemonade."
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  • This is a great PR, Kathleen and a reminder that you can take situations and turn them around with the right attitude.

  • Kathleen, Thank you.  I always did love that saying, too.  It's the spirit of 'Do not give up!' or 'make the best of what you have'.  And whenever life throws curves at us we can come through with this type of attitude.  Lemonade is soooo refreshing.

  • Great post Kathleen, thanks for sharing.

  • Top Member

    This is a marvelous post Kathleen, I enjoyed reading it and have shared your post everywhere. Have a great day and weekend.

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