The Million Dollar Mindset

Million Dollar Mindset

Million Dollar Mindset


Do You have A Million Dollar Mindset ?

What Mindset Is Most Necessary to Change YOUR Life?


Very simple. It’s right there in the title. The mindset the separates the sheep from wolves is a
willingness to think in life-changing  -rather than life-improving-  terms.


Two Famous Examples of Changing your life… 


1. Did Domino’s Pizza reach 10,000 stores by playing the traditional pizza game better than anyone else?
Well, the traditional game was all about making a better-tasting pizza, or providing a better dining
experience, or offering a lower price.  Did Domino’s do any of those things?


Nope. Their pizza was mediocre at best. No dining experience. And while they were inexpensive, they did
not emphasize that in their game-changing, world-domination strategy. Domino’s changed the game.
They made it all about “Fresh, hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less or it’s free”. Whole
new ballgame. All about delivery speed. And they literally raced past their competition.


2. Did Starbucks achieve coffee hegemony by playing the traditional coffee game a little better
than everyone else? The traditional coffee game was “give it away for pennies to get people
to buy more donuts”.


Starbucks didn’t just change the game, they created a whole new game that didn’t even exist
before. Coffee went from a boring, commodity, add-on product to Total Customer Experience
complete with it’s own insider lingo almost over night.  And they were able to charge prices
500% higher than their competitors…and people stood in line to pay them!


And Don’t You Dare Say, “That Won’t Work in My Business” 

OK, so you’re not Starbucks or Domino’s. You’re not a billion dollar corporation. Granted.
But I challenge you to join here and obtain “Million Dollar mindset Number 1″ Inside you’ll find
examples of Inner Circle members, just like you, who implemented this mindset and changed
the game in their industries…


Getting people to
pay you for the opportunity of paying you more? Now that’s a life  changer.
Get these thoughts in your head…

-I want revolutionary improvement, not evolutionary gains
-I want to re-imagine my industry
-I want to invent, not duplicate
-I want to create a whole new life where I make the rules
-I want to laugh as I blow past my competitors still stuck in their tired old
“me too” marketing methods.


When you’ve got those thoughts firmly in your head, you’re ready to change your life with The Million Dollar Mindset.

Be a Life Changer.


Timothy Eller


Join Our Inner Circle That Will Teach You That Million Dollar Mindset


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  • Excellent Timothy and happy to share for you.

  • Thanks Terri and I would like to add that's the reason I love Syndication Express along with all the great members here,nothing else like it.

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    I definitely agree with this post and this is why Syndication Express exist. I wanted to invent, not duplicate just another social site like Facebook. I wanted to make it where bloggers and article writers will benefit from using social media sites for exposure, branding and getting viral traffic while getting search engine traffic free. I believe I have accomplished this. Thanks to all the friends I have in this community. Happy to share this out to the universe Timothy.

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