The New Class of Video Marketing:  Video Article Maker !!


If you are one of the lucky ones that knows how strong multiple videos are right now for backlinks and traffic, congratulations, you are going to like this. If you are just getting started with discovering the power of videos, you just got a ticket to the Front Row seats!


The problem with producing  a Video Article is that they take time, depending on your software and system of creating them, maybe lots of time. The claim here is this does not have to be the case. Don’t believe it?


In the marketing environment of today, speed, volume, and working smart can get you to the front of the line more than ever before.

With this simple little script, you can crank out traffic and backlink building unique Video Articles and presentations faster than ever. Put up dozens at multiple sites, or run them through further edits on your favorite production software, or whatever you choose that fits your plans.

Each of these simple videos can get you traffic and backlinks from the many video sites around the web. Each video is unique to the search engines because each has a random background music track, and so a different file size (no same size footprint to the robots). And each can be saved in a variety of formats.

The search engines as of now see file size and type, title, keywords, and description – NOT the video content itself. You take care of spinning the SEO wording for just those three items, the software churns out unique file size and type Video Articles.

Produce and upload dozens or even hundreds of unique Article Videos all from article and music files in the dusty corners of your file system. The search engines can be your friends again.

video article

Video Article Maker provides an intuitive desk top application to create your own Video Article and text presentations all from your articles or promotion copy getting dusty in your archives. Yes, other scripts appear to have done this same thing over the past few years. But nothing this lightweight, intuitive, and fast.

Create Video Articles and Text Presentations at Incredible Speed,
Yet the Script is Simple Enough for Even Beginners to Master…

Video Article Maker bulletpointSay Goodbye to having to fire up Power Point, Camtasia, or similar and making slides: Video Article Maker accepts simple text files copied and pasted, and Creates The Presentation For You

Video Article Maker bulletpointNo Install Required on Windows platforms XP and greater: A stand alone application you run as Admin (sorry Macs, Windows only)

Video Article Maker bulletpointSay Goodbye to outsourcing your Video Article production: Create dozens of Video Articles and text presentations all from your own desktop for FREE

All the Basic Customizing You Really Need Built Into the Script…
(Lightweight and simple by design…)

Video Article Maker bulletpointCustomize Your Videos a Variety of Ways:

Video Article Maker bulletpointChoose from dozens of built in popular fonts A variety of fonts, all customizable for look and feel, and no worries about screen fit… long paragraphs are automatically adjusted by the script to fit the video screen!

Video Article Maker bulletpointCustomize the Font and Background colors to fit your desires Color panel/mixers built in for use during setup step

Video Article Maker bulletpointCustomize the speed the presentation is displayed Choose from several slide show speeds to give readers time to read and absorb, or blast them with a series of one line screens

Video Article Maker bulletpointCustomize the compression codec to optimize for size or quality Choose from several popular codecs to get the video you want for upload or display

Video Article Maker bulletpointCustomize the background music quickly or automatically Let the script choose random tracks from the audio folder you specify, or load one up custom for length or tone of track and run the script from there (we give you over 400 megs to start with)

Video Article Maker bulletpointSpend moments getting started: Totally intuitive “Learn as You Go” design eliminates long learning curves and frustration. Open the script and start creating to learn, and then get fancy from there

Video Article Maker bulletpointFast enough and quality enough to hire yourself out: You could even start up a Fiverr gig or similar punching out Video Articles in minutes (hmmm… 5 bucks for under two minutes?)

Video Article Maker bulletpointWipe Out the production bottleneck: You will now begin to test your upload speeds instead of waiting days for outsourcing or taking hours for your own productions

The action you take here, and in implementing the Video Article Maker are the difference between easy money and none. You decide what is best for you.

Unleash Your Video Marketing Efforts to a NEW LEVEL

- Create, Customize, and Produce Video Articles
Almost as Fast as You Can Read The Article !!

Check Video Article Maker here (Video Demo Included):

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