The Proof Is In The Pudding

The Proof Is In The Pudding

I have just joined a new opportunity which I know is going to benefit me and I just wanted to share a testimonial from Terri Melling Sassone who has kindly said it is ok to distribute this and it is an amazing result ………


“My “before” and “after”. I have a funky ailment called Reiter’s Syndrome (think viral rheumatoid arthritis). The swelling has caused pinched nerves in my back, neck, arm and wrist. The joint pain is unbearable and I haven’t slept through the night in months. I have been on prescription anti-inflammatory, narcotic pain meds, and steroids since the end of Oct. Based on my latest EMG test results I was told 2 weeks ago if I didn’t have surgery, I might suffer permanent nerve damage. I’ve been seeing holistic health practitioners with some results but I cut up 2 PowerStrips and taped the heck out of myself. After 18 hours, I could not believe the difference. I haven’t taken a pain pill or anti-inflammatory since I put the strips on Saturday. Saturday and Sunday I slept through the night. I took the strips with me to my massage/reiki therapist today and he wants to use them in his business. I just saw him on Friday and he could barely touch me. He could not believe the difference. I see my chiropractor tomorrow, who also saw me Sat before the strips arrived, and I’ve got my strips in my purse. I’ve had them off today but I’m going to “tape up” before I go to bed.  It’s real. I can make a fist. I can blow dry my hair. I can grip the steering wheel & drive my car. I can squeeze a tube of toothpaste. The list goes on and on.”


FGEXpress testimonial

I have been waiting years for something this powerful as I have back knee and shoulder problems and also my hips so can’t wait for my pack to arrive.  And if you would like to know what it is all about please feel free to message me.  I am really hyped up about this and want to work with four people closely so they can get the benefit of this as well.

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  • Thank you Sandy, appreciate that.

  • Great information, Merle.  I have shared on Twitter.  Bessings!

  • Thank you DeAnn

  • Hi Merle, great PR, thanks for sharing, its great to see there are many things out there that can help us now, have a bless week my friend, liked and shared

  • Thank you Timothy and yes does look good.

  • Wow Merle,sounds great.

  • Thank you Terri, I am also hoping as have just had 3 almost sleepless nights with my back and fed up taking pain killers so really looking forward to this.

  • Top Member

    I hopes it helps you Merle with your challenges you are facing. I'm praying that it works out great for you too. Sharing this so more can read this awesome testimony by Terri Melling Sassone.

  • Thank you Angela and I am looking forward to using them when they arrive as I suffer badly with my back, hips and knees so if you know anyone that would like to try them I am happy to send a sample to try.
  • Inspiring article Merle, especially the before and after photos.  Glad there's some help for that condition.  Thanks for sharing and yes, the proof is in the pudding.  Liked and Shared.

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