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Top of the Morning to All!

In my press releases my goals are to educate, create awareness and motivate.  One muscle I strive to work each day is my Faith Muscle.

Mark 10:52

And Jesus said to him, "Go your way; your faith has made you well." And immediately he regained his sight and began following Him on the road.

I'd like to expand my thoughts from the above scripture.

Have you ever been in a situation where everything was clear? Everything was clear, you could see 30miles to 5yrs ahead. Mind was clear, vision was clear as glass, success coming left and right.  All of a sudden, life said hold on...Now you must deal with this challenge before you continue being successful.  Now, that vision is starting to become a bit blurry, your vision 30 miles down the road has now been reduced to 1 mile; & forget seeing 5yrs ahead, you can barely see past the next hour. Sounds Familiar? Has you been here before? I know I have. We all Have.

The questions asked now are: What happened? What do I do? How do I overcome this? Many of us have suffered with situations such as this.

Three solutions to help over a life challenge.




When Life happens, it is important to simply stop. When frustration occurs, when the mental begin thinking negative thoughts, & when one begins to careless; it is time to stop! At this point your mood with show through your work, & attitude.  Your mind is to clouded. That's like driving down a dark road, with no head lights with no steering wheel. One is headed for disaster. Once disaster strikes, its even harder to regroup. Just stop. With a clouded frustrated mind its time to stop. Now regrouping begins.

One asks, how do I regroup? Regroup can really be a fun process, if the mental is positive. Their are many ways to regroup. During your regrouping process I believe their are three main areas to focus on; mental, spiritual and physical. First goal is to clear up your mental. One's mental has to be clear in order to move forward. I love reading self help books. Self help books typically are created by other entrepreneurs such as you and I. Successful men/women appear to be well off, however every entrepreneur has his/her own story. Self help books teaches lessons and concepts to help add to your own personal & business life. The authors of these books know what entrepreneur experiences, therefore his/her experiences will help add insight into your own life. Also in self help books, most books teaches how to think, how to retrain your mind a certain way. How one should think. How one should exercise that mental muscle.  I also recommend surrounding yourself with other individuals who are in the same boat. Mainly other entrepreneurs. Why, b/c tons of relating will occur. Again we are seeking to help regroup that mental. And without preparing the mental, one can't digest the spiritual food that one can receive.

No matter what religion, no matter What name one call's his/her God, receiving some type of spiritual food is needed to regroup. In business & personal life, we all deal with short comings, challenges, I mean things we can't explain. Furthermore, we can't overcome challenges alone. Find a local church, find a local group that express the same spiritual belief as you do. Listen to Pod casts, read your bible, (Holy Book). Tapping into your spiritual side awakens apart that is unexplainable, that we can't see, feel or touch. I do know from personal experience having some type of spiritual food helps during & after your regrouping period. Depending on the forces of earth will bring additional frustration. When regrouping your mental, that allows your subconscious mind to wake up, which leads to new spiritual regroup, which feeds your mental. Which allows one to regroup in the physical.

Rather people believes this or not; being physically active plays a HUGE role into success. One your mental, spiritual is working now that creates fuel for your physical. Find a local gym, exercise at home, Walk, Run outside. Cut the grass. Anything, because being physically active blends all these ingredients together, creates an awesome bottle of universal energy that will carry you on.

In conclusion, when dealing with frustration, turmoil, anything that has affected your work or personal life, it is time to stop and regroup. Not practice these during your regrouping period, practice these concepts when things go well. This way your mind is already trained, and you understand how to regroup.

These are concepts I educate my team with everyday. Join Our Team, we have several entrepreneur careers to fit your personality.  Go here: and learn more about your new career options.

Happy Success

Christopher Sr.

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