The Seduction

The Daily Meditation 09.30.2013

The Seduction

Nancy Bowers, RScP

nancybowers-150x150.jpg?width=150The other day, I was feeling challenged.  All I could see was what hadn’t happened yet; anticipating soon to be empty coffers instead of delighting in the knowledge that they would soon be full.  I couldn’t see how, and despite knowing intellectually that the “how, is none of my business,” I found myself struggling.  “I’m trying not to be seduced by appearances,” I told my friends.  I was trying to see beyond appearances to the perfection I knew was there.  One of my dearest friends suggested that instead of trying “not be seduced by appearances,” that instead I try allowing myself to be seduced by God, to have faith in a love so great that it could knock my socks off.  Suddenly everything shifted: 

In this moment, right here, right now, I know that God is Pure Love.  This Love that surrounds me constantly is so incredibly Giving, so constantly Supportive, It wants nothing more than to delight me with the Gifts of the Father.  It is the Eternal “Yes,” here to wow me with Its Ease and Grace.  It is the Perpetual Beloved, here to woo me with Its Generosity.

And I know that this Beloved is here for me.  It lavishes me with possibility; It lures me towards my fullest potential.  It whispers to me of how very loved I am and lets me know that I have only to ask and I shall receive.  It lets me know that I am born of It.  I am one with It, for It can never be apart from who and what I am.

So I know that I am this being of love.  I am limitless expression.  I am the one called to demonstrate faith, to let the world know that not only is this Father/Mother/God here for me, It is here for you, for you cannot be separate from It; you are supported and loved by It.  We are the treasured ones.  The ones who heard the call and sang the song we heard back out into the world that they might know what we know: we are loved, deeply, unceasingly.  We are so loved, we can’t even screw it up, no matter how often we indulge in folly.  All our so-called sins are forgiven.  We are so cherished, God stays with us wherever we go, forever believing in our innocence; forever knowing the truth of who we are.   

And so, I give thanks for this awakening.  I fall on my knees in gratitude that I am layered with these blessings.  Appearances cannot seduce me into losing faith, for I know the truth.  I know that God never withheld a thing from me – it was only my faith in my fears that kept the treasures from reaching my door.  But I now turn away from conditions.  I allow the sunshine of the Spirit to warm my face.  I give thanks for the warmth.  I give thanks for the remembrance of who and what I am.  I give thanks that I will never be forsaken. 

Then I release my prayer.  I let God run with it – He does such a superior job and I don’t need to control anything.  I allow the Goodness in.  I allow myself to be seduced by faith.  I know God is always in my corner. 

And So It is!


Nancy Bowers is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
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  • Bessie,

    Yes, it gets peoples attention. Some may be disappointed!

  • It is apt that your post should be about spirituality and seduction. 

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