The Six Qualifications of a Successful Entrepreneur

There are SIX PRINCIPLES qualifications for being on my leadership team, and these qualifications are the same qualities shared by every single six-figure income-earner in our field.

Our vision is much different than any other company you'll find in the marketing space, because the fuel that drives our vision is helping someone brand new make their dreams come true.

If you are willing to work hard and follow a proven marketing system, then we might be a good fit. I am willing to help anyone who is serious, motivated, and coachable to refine and sharpen these key qualities.


This doesn’t have to do specifically with any company, product or marketing plan. The Winner’s Mindset is a quality that transcends circumstance and situation, and recognizes that the only thing you really need to succeed, you already have within you.

Winners set their sights on a goal, write it down, and take daily steps to achieve it. They don’t need permission. They don’t need applause. They’re not doing this for anyone else but themselves.

The world is full of spectators, but action takers and doers think out of the box. We plan to work, and work a plan, and when road blocks appear we go around them, climb over them, or dig under them, and continue on. Winners think of obstacles as learning experiences, not failures.


Another quality shared by the six-figure income-earners is that once we’ve determined that a company meets the criteria we set for inclusion in our portfolio, we get to work.

We don’t waste time looking for reasons it won’t work. We invest our time growing our businesses. And we do something every single day to advance that business.

We share our business with quailfied people everyday, and help them share their businesses with others. If someone is not interested in our business, we wish them well and look for others.


Another of the qualities every successful entrepreneur in our field possesses is the qualification of being visionary. They don’t buy into the lie that their income is related to the economy, or to who’s in office. They don’t buy into the doom and gloom forecasts of the mass-media.

They recognise that the ultimate control of their income always has and always will rest within themselves. They reconnect with their Source, and with the vision of Primary Greatness that is their birthright.


We connect with a Master Mind Group of like minded individuals, people who share our vision of success and our values.

Success is not a destination, success is a never ending journey. You will never truely succeed in any field without others. We don't use others, we help and motivate others to succeed.


I don’t care what you’re marketing, if you’re not using the product yourself, you don’t deserve to succeed. And you probably won’t.

No one will ever care as much about what you say as they will about how you feel about what you say. And if you don’t believe enough in your product to use it (properly), then you’re not committed, and you will never see anything more than mediocre results.


Successful people are ALWAYS busy. They don’t wait until “they have time” to do something, because they know they will NEVER have the time. They have to MAKE the time, and get the job DONE.

If you want something done, ask a busy person. If someone is not busy, it's because they choose not to be busy.

Quoting Randy Gage:

“When I first started in the business, my biggest mistake was thinking that success would come from changing others. I soon learned that success would come from changing myself. The actions you take and the examples you set create a ripple effect that impacts everything around you in a positive way. To change the world, you must first change yourself.”

Take time today to consider how these qualifications, and having a personal mentor, who’s been there, and who possesses these qualities themselves, could change the trajectory of your career forever.

Everytime I write about success and winning I get even more motivated. I choose to be positive, I choose to succeed, and I don't apologize for success.

These principles are the cornerstone of my business model. I incorporate these 5 principles into my life everyday, and I have learned not to skip one here and there because success doesn't just happen, success is acieved by following other winners who have used these same five principles daily to achieve success.

Are you ready to believe and achieve? Are you ready to succeed?

Who couldn't use a little more satisfaction, money, and happiness in their life?

It will be a pleasure to assist you, and I help you every step of the way!

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