In these examples you have seen the spirit of love at work, I'm sure.

He’s called a ‘shade tree mechanic’ but you don’t want to have anyone else work on your car.  He was certified once upon a time, but he just reads up on the latest repair techniques now or he consults with shop owners who will give him information generously.  When he’s unable to fix your car, he tell you up front and he recommends someone who can.  You look for him until you find him.  He’s usually under somebody’s car. 

She’s got what they call ‘healing hands’.  She can wash and brush your hair, braid it or style it. Or she can just hug you and all your stress is released.  Your headache is gone.  Where your hair was falling out, it’s growing now.  She’s got ‘healing hands’. 

He is so wise, if you need to make an important decision or there’s a problem you feel you must speak with him.  You rush to him and he takes his time responding to your outpouring of words.   How he understood what you’d just said, you never know.  All you know is when he does speak – everything is going to be alright.  

You’re eating at friend’s house, it’s a potluck.  This dish is so good you can’t get over the flavor, it’s perfect.  Texture – everything about it is exquisite. “Who made this?”  You’ve got to speak with that person and let them know how much you appreciate this fabulous dish.  How did you make this?  The answer – “I put love into it”.

When a person loves what they do, when they have love in their heart as they perform that thing that spirit of love goes into it and makes their product or service soooo uniquely good!

Think back, you enjoyed your mom’s cooking right?  But, what if something got mom upset and that day, the pots rattled angrily.  Mom said you had to eat the food she cooked while angry and upset.  You didn’t want to but she made you.  You promptly threw up.  Projectile vomited everything up. 

Look within; there is something you hate to do.  You don’t want to do it.  When you make yourself do that thing, are you ever satisfied with the results?  Do other people look at it and look away embarrassed? 

There is a large quasi-governmental agency has lost most of its clientele to its competitors because they pummeled out the love of the job from its employees.  They then forced into retirement most of those who at the very least liked to be outside, and hired temporary workers who just don’t get it.  In the beginning the employees didn’t mind going through rain and sleet and snow because they felt good about the job they did and felt they earned good money. 

The competing companies hired workers and paid them more, but when they garnered more of the market they wanted to keep the profits and work the employees harder and longer hours.  So now they too offer inferior service for more money.  You look at them in their brown trucks and short pants and see harassment not job satisfaction. 

What’s my point?  Take the love out of what you are doing, and everybody suffers.  If you do not love your business, love your down line and love your product or service – you will be constantly recruiting.  And you will be constantly advertising for new unaware customers.

Nobody can put love into your product or service like you can.  You are the best at that. 

When I lived in San Jose, CA there was a bakery named ‘Peter’s Bakery’.  They had the best tasting confections, oh so good!  My niece who still lives there told me that the grandchildren now ran the bakery and it just was not the same.  Why?  Because they don’t love doing that business like Peter did.  His spirit of love made that business.  It took care of them all.  People moving to another part of the city made the journey back to patronize his bakery.

My sister travels wherever the woman whose hands ‘grow’ her hair works.  From salon to salon she follows her. 

My nieces and nephews want a cake made by “Aunt Ruby” because she puts love into her desserts.  She can have someone help her, measure out the ingredients and all they have to do is stir, blend or whip and the finished product won’t taste the same as if Ruby had done all the steps herself.  It’s the spirit of her love that is missing.

Do what you love.  If you keep doing what you do not love, it will kill you.  You will become ill and you will not heal until you can exercise your spirit of love.

You can love a product or service when it gives a value – a benefit,  to people that you have experience yourself.  You can love providing a service when you see how your customers respond to the benefit it brings them.  You love it by associating the feeling you get when you see the satisfaction and delight on their faces to that product or service.  It ain’t rocket science. You can love it because when you look at yourself in the mirror, right smack dab in the eyes – you can smile. 

Check it out, everywhere you go, the spirit of love makes your day pleasant or if it is missing, it makes work you don’t want to do.  It’s work to file a complaint when someone who does not love their job fouls up.  It’s work to leave an establishment manned by rude employees for another when you don’t really have that much time.  Then you need to work to regain your spirit of love.

When you join a site, and you stay it’s because of the spirit of the site.  The loving ways of the people who use it and who run it.  If you get the first inkling of being condescended to, you are out of there – fast.  But when you feel welcome and you get warmed by a spirit of love you stay. It’s not all about money on Syndication Express, it’s the spirit of love.  It’s not all about money on IBO and FaceBook. 

Who cares?  We all do, all of us who want to make a difference.  All of us who want to advance steadly toward our dream.  Making sure we exercise our spirit of love ensures that the collective spirit grows.  It keep us inline, too.  We are more careful who we offer our ventures to.  We are more careful how we present our opportunity.  We begin to listen better.  We can down shift smoothly from ‘high pitch’ mode. 

Bessie Mathis


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  • Beautiful post Bessie I absolutely love it! will share!

  • So true Bessie, you have to love what you are doing.  Great PR and will share for you.

  • Bessie, this is wonderful. Thank you for writing and sharing this. Love can change the way we all approach our lives and businesses.

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    Oh Wow! Bessie I love this post and let me tell you that I am very happy to know you. I'm happy that you are here. We can all benefit from this great blog post. I have shared this my friend. May God continue to inspire you to write such motivational post.

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