The Things People Say While Eating At A Restaurant

The Things People Say While Eating At A Restaurant

       One sunday after church service a few of us went to KFC for lunch. KFC was very

 busy after church and we had guys sitting close to us. One of the sisters was talking

 about a job her and her sister had as a janitor and cleaning bathroom for men. She

 was talking about how they found some bugs that is not healthy for your skin. I

 forgot the bug she was talking about but she did not pay any attention to the guys

 that were sitting near us and they were listening and laughing at the things that were

 being said at our table. I was even shocked at what they were saying at the table. I

 told them do you know people are listening to what is being said here? They didn't

 care. They even talk loud so everyone was able to hear the things that were being said. I think I laughed more then I ate that day.

Talking about bugs and nasty things while your eating is not a great topic. I'm a very

 picky eater so listening to stuff like that makes me not want to eat more. We were all

 laughing and talking but somethings needs to be said after you eat not while you eat.  

Would like to share some information with you 

A healthy body is host to a delicate balance of yeast and friendly microflora. That balance is easily compromised 
through a poor diet and some prescription medications, turning your body into a breeding ground for yeast and 
fungal infections. Excesses of yeast and fungus can compromise the immune, digestive and urinary systems and can 
cause many serious illnesses. Studies show that the mucous membranes of the mouth, sinuses, lungs, intestines, 
uterus and vagina are lined with protective bacteria. When the bacteria is killed, these body tissues are attacked 
by yeast and fungus. Stopped the vicious cycle. The plexus Probio5 can help you with this issue.

A Fungus Among Us" Can make you feel awful !
A increasing number of people with health problems is becoming linked to the candida albicans overgrowth, the 
problem has become very apparent. Candida  overgrowth has become a serious national problem, mostly in the past few 
years. Our American diet, steroids, antibiotics, and use of birth control pills have caused this fungus to run wild.
 For the few of us who are eating to avoid the problem, it is becoming a losing battle. Food processors are now 
putting antibiotics into the food.

Candida  albicans is a single celled fungus that resides in everyone's bowels. When the normal bowel bacteria, 
acidophilus, has been reduced with antibiotics or diet, this fungus runs rampant. It is believed that at least 
two-thirds of the population is now suffering in some way because of  Candida overgrowth. It would not be a 
surprise to learn that this number is much higher. In a normal environment with normal bowel conditions, the 
Candidaarrow-10x10.png fungus is approximately five percent of the bowel flora. In this state, it has two beneficial purposes. 
One purpose is that it aids in initiating hormone activity. The other is to absorb heavy metals to be passed out 
with bowel movements. One theory proclaims that normal Candida will clean out bowel pockets, and reduce their 
reoccurrence. It is just a theory. There are at least eight-five strains of Candida, the albicans variety being the
 most prominent. More strains are found every day.

Evidence indicates that under a normal environment, the Candida albicans fungus consumes only dead tissue. When 
exposed to certain chemicals, such as birth control pills, cortisone, antibiotics, and petro-chemicals, the fungus 
changes dramatically. It starts to colonize, to work as a multi-cellular organism. It then adapts to consume living
 tissue. This starts the onslaught of thrush, toe fungus, athlete's foot, vaginal yeast, and many other conditions.

When the heli-pylori bacteria is present in the bowel, Candida albicans causes severe intestinal distress. This
 bacterium is the cause of most stomach and intestinal ulcers. Heli-pylori will home under the protective digestive
 tract mucous away from the digestive acids. The acids cannot "digest" it there. It then begins weakening the 
intestinal walls and depleting the natural protective mucous. When attacking the candida problem, it is wise to keep the heli-pylori bacteria in mind. The success of candida control is greatly reduced as long as this bacterium is present. 

Weight problems, vaginal yeast, athlete's foot, scalp problems such as dandruff, nail fungus, joint inflammation, 
poor immune response, headaches, allergies, shingles, oral thrush, canker sores, excessive sneezing, poor memory,
 brain fog, tooth plaque, hemorrhoids, throat mucous, and skin eruptions like acne, are all connected with Candida
 overrun. Let's not forget diaper rash. For some, the diaper rash and brain fog is on the same end. If you have 
ever used antibiotics or steroids, have had soft drinks or coffee, have eaten excessive amounts of sugar or yeast 
containing foods; this started the downward spiral to Candida overgrowth. If you have ever had cravings for quickly
 digested foods, like sugar or white flour, or cravings for foods that contain yeast, or had any of the mentioned 
problems, you had and still have a Candida overgrowth problem.

And "Sleep" in the corner of the eye indicates a Candida problem, so does a coated tongue. Speaking of sleep, do 
you ever feel like you never get enough, or you could sleep nine plus hours a night? Always a little tired? Maybe 
a little run down? Body aches, joint aches and swelling? Have you had a need to have ahysterectomy?  Been diagnosed with Epstein Bar Virus? Lupus? ALS? MS? Arthritis? YOU probably have a Candida problem!

Chrohn's Disease and colonitis start with a parasitical invasion, which can be just Candida. Uncontrolled diarrhea 
may be Candida overgrowth. At minimum, Candida is involved. All constipation related problems have Candida involved
. When acidophilus is low, Candida is in overgrowth. Low acidophilus is another form of constipation. By the way, 
the severest form of constipation is diarrhea.

Naturopaths relate high glycemic diet and parasites to ADD or ADS. High glycemic foods are foods that are converted
 into blood sugar rapidly, such as sugars, white flour, carrots, corn, potatoes, and rice. Attention Deficit 
Disorder, ADD/ADS, does have parasites involved, which may just be Candida overgrowth. Candida definitely thrives 
on high glycemic foods.
There is also beliefs that all cancer sufferers have a Candida overgrowth problem. Most natural healers already 
know there is a parasite problem with cancer. Belief is if there is a parasite problem, there is a Candida problem.

Here is a testimony to share with you:

Heather says ~ I started plexus on August 26, 2013. Really skeptical but thought I would give it a shot. The first 
2 days I could tell a difference in the way I felt. I have PCOS and endometriosis and have lived in pain from both 
for years. Getting up in the morning and not being able to stand up straight and not sleeping well because I could 
never find a comfortable position the pain was so bad. I had surgery in January 2012 to remove endometriosis and 
cyst and in February 2012 my husband was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and was rushed to MDAnderson cancer center.
 Since then my life has been consumed with his illness, treatments, the search for a bone marrow donor and 
ultimately his bone marrow transplant and recovery. I had to put myself and my pains in the back of my mind and of 
course living in a hospital for the majority of the last 20 months I put on weight and my blood pressure was 
staying pretty high. I've been on plexus slim, accelerator and probio5 for 8 weeks now and I've lost 23 lbs and 27
 inches (all over), blood pressure is normal at 115/75 and the pain I was in is gone. I sleep good, get up from 
bed standing straight and have more energy than I have in years. I love it so much I became an ambassador 4 weeks 
after starting it. I'm not sure what I would have done without plexus because traditional dietarrow-10x10.png and exercise alone 
was not doing it for me. I needed my body to be healthy so I can be a better caregiver to my husband and a good 
example to my 8 year old son. I'm so thankful for plexus and the blessing it's been to and financial.

Thank you for reading and God Bless
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  • Great story and great info. I've heard a lot of wonderful things about Plexus. Just wish it wasn't so expensive =-(

  • Great post DeAnn and I know when we go out for a coffee is surprising what you hear from others around you.  Great testimonial and sounds like a great product.

  • I am like you, DeAnn ...would have completely lost my appetite.  Blessings!

  • There is such a thing as table manners.  I guess some forget it at times or just never grow up.  This is very enlightening article DeAnn.  Thanks for sharing this wealth of wisdom regarding health.  Liked and Shared.

  • Top Member

    There are just some things you don't say while eating period. Some people will talk about anything and don't think twice about it. I guess this is who they are and it don't bother them. Sorry that you experienced that DeAnn and next time you will know to excuse yourself if and when you dine with those people again. LOL and I have shared your post for you.

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