The Vampire Diaries Seasons 1-2

Below is The Vampire Diaries Seasons 1-2 in the simple introduction of The family.

Simpson is the one of the most common family of five: dad Homer Simpson is a simple to can't simple man, in springfield nuclear power plant is barely has a job, just fired in the same position and hire countless times again.

Mother marge Simpson, belong to the sort of the perfect woman behind the successful man, is the most lovely Simpson family members "goo", in an incredible optimism with every family support.

Eldest son bart Simpson is a love of mischief kid head, to tell someone he turned a deaf ear to criticism to rely too much on TV.

Eldest daughter lisa Simpson is a model of wisdom and reason, but she is the home of the most overlooked.

Soon just born daughter maggie Simpson, always with a calm to resist all of the confusion in the home, but everything changed after she learned to speak.

All stories also from Homer, and he's got a new pet pig, this time, his foolish behavior provoked a environmental crisis, not just your family was in danger, but we also came close to springfield, his hometown permanently erased from the map.

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