There is Nothing Outside of God

The Daily Meditation 11.08.2013

There is Nothing Outside of God

 Glenn Buckland, RScP

glennbuckland-150x150.jpg?width=150God is the idea behind time and space, God is right and wrong, up and down, back and forth. Everything that exists, has existed or will exist is present within God. There is nothing outside of God. God is infinite potential. Every possibility exists and originates within God. There is nothing that God is not. God is One, Perfect, Whole.I Am! I believe, speak, think and feel. I exist and because this is the truth of me it is also true that I am my own unique part of this One , Perfect thing I call God.

I am unlimited potential. My life is a manifestation of Divine intention and I express in this experience of time and space knowing that all is well. Nothing exists outside of me so I move in infinite possibility. I evolve who I am and what I do. My relationships and my career fulfill me, my body moves effortlessly and craves nutrition. I love my perfect body and I honor the space I fill on this planet. Imagination inspires my higher calling as I move toward It and my highest good. I see good in everything and smiles everywhere. Life is Good!

I am grateful for the fabric that holds our Universe together, it is God and I am awestruck and thankful for this divine gift of my being human on this planet. Thank you unconditional love, thank you peace, thank you life.

I send my word forth with this declaration of truth into Spirit, received by the Law and made to be so, right now.

It is done and so it is.

Glenn Buckland is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

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  • Ralph,

    Thank You! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Very interesting article about god and being thankful for the Life on earth.

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