Thinking Of Quitting Your MLM Business?

Thinking Of Quitting Your MLM Business?

 Are you struggling with your MLM business?

 Are you thinking of quitting?


Let me tell you that this should NOT be an option if you are in the right company.  Many people think that they are going to get rich quick overnight after just watching a couple of videos and attending a couple of webinars.  If you don’t like to put in a lot of hard work in the beginning then you probably will quit.  But if you really want it you will keep at it.

Watch training videos, buy books, attend webinars and always be in touch with your upline who are there to help you on your way to success.  Once you have found the right company there is no way that you will want to quit.  I am 68 next month and have been with several different companies over the last 10-12 years.  Yes, I did quit them all because I never had any support.  I was never invited to webinars or given any support by my upline on what to do.  So after losing hundreds of pounds over those years I made my mind up to just GIVE UP!!

But then I got involved with Jay Roberts who is an absolute diamond.  I had a two hour home visit with him and learnt more in that 2 hours than I did in 10 years and then after about 18 months he introduced me to Gavin Mountford – well I get lost for words for the two of them as they are the most wonderful, down to earth people that I know in this industry.  And help, it is neverending.  So I would say, find the right company and stick with it.  You cannot go wrong – it could take up to a couple of years to earn the sort of money you are looking for (maybe longer) but surely it must be worth it in the end.

I have now been with MLSP for about 15 months  and I know this is the best training platform I have ever been involved with.  There is so much training that it is quite possible to get overwhelmed by it all, but taking it step by step and always being in touch with my upline gives me the incentive to REACH FOR THE STARS.  You know when it right for you as you will feel happy doing what you are doing.  Any questions I need answered I go to our Facebook Group and there is always someone there to give me the answer.

Below is a short video by Ray Higdon – The number one top earner at MLSP – Listen to his words very carefully.

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  • "I never had any support." Unfortunately that is a major problem, and it is not always the fault of the company. Not all sponsors are leaders who mentor their team members.  Training and support CAN make the difference between failure & success. I am about your age, and I've been in network marketing for nearly a decade. It is great that you are passionate about your business, because passion is critical to building a business. Great blog. I'll be sharing it.

  • Thank you Timothy and Rieke, really appreciate your comments.

  • Love to see that you've found your place where you'll get results. Persistence pays off.

  • Thanks Merle,I see this happen alot with people who think they are going to get overnight.

  • Thank you Terri and Angela and I am honoured to have such great friends in you both and everyone else in SE

  • Thanks for sharing this wealth of information with us Merle.  Liked and Shared.  Love that Reach for the Stars banner. 

  • Top Member

    Merle I'm so happy that you have found what you need to be successful. I am so glad to know you.

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