From living with a chronically depressed spouse and traumatized children, I've observed the things that can be toxic to our well-being.

That is the premise for:

Blessings to you all~

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  • Good things in equals good things out!

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    As a mentor when I talk to people that are frustrated because they are not having the desired success online, I have to constantly meditate so they don't suck me into their misery. This is a must daily for me to maintain my status and continue to do what I love to do which is help people be successful and give them what they need to succeed. I believe you and me are doing great so far, keep up the great writing and I'm glad to see you back in the community.

  • Hi Terri,

    You sound like a determined and uplifting individual. I think depression would be back for marketers. I tell myself, I don't have time to be depressed as so many people count on me to function. Although, I did have a bout of depression as a teenager, but then again- how many people get through puberty without a tinge of depression. =) These days, I'm pretty resilient. Thank you for the comment and for the shout out. Blessings to you~

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    My emotion today is pretty good today, however since it is a cloudy and dreary looking today. As for me I am in constant meditation to not allow myself to go into a state of mind called depression. I am a fun loving, outgoing person and when I see the sun this is when I am feeling at my peak, it brings out the best in me. Even though the sun isn't shining here today, I am maintaining my emotional state by meditating on the positive things in life of which I am very grateful and thankful for. Shared via Syndication Automation and the Syndication Express business page on Google. Click here to visit and follow the SE business page.

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