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This Might Be the Best Way to Earn Online

After over 40 years of selling and promoting, I've decided that it takes too much energy, is too stressful, and I just don't like doing it. 

That being the case, how will I continue to earn an online income? 

Getting a j.o.b. is out of the question. (I've been my own boss for decades.) Besides, I travel when I want, work when I want, play golf (badly) when I want. I can't imagine someone telling me when to be at work, when to eat lunch, take breaks and what to wear. 

Good grief...there's no freedom in that! 

If you have a 9 to 5 job and you're reading this, I mean no disrespect. I'm talking about me personally. For me, living that 9 to 5 routine at this time in my life would be a massive mistake. I've enjoyed personal freedom for so long now that having to conform to a set, daily schedule would be a huge failure for me. 

It would be like surrendering to the enemy even though I've been winning the battle for years! Doesn't make sense. 

So, since I don't want to sell stuff but, I still want to keep growing my income; the only solution is to find something that creates income without any selling. 

Let's don't waste time here talking about all the market research and interviews with corporate execs that I did while searching for some miracle bizop that will make us all wealthy. That's usually all b.s. anyway. 

What happened was...Karma. Yep. Good old-fashioned serendipity. 

I don't do Starbucks. Too noisy, too pretentious. 

Nope...I was home, fixing some tea in our Keurig. (pretentious??) And, I got a text from a buddy out in California. Since I hadn't heard from him in a while, I called and we talked and caught up on personal news, etc...

 During that call he asked if I was going to get with the rNetwork? I said I didn't know anything about it. He said he thought a mutual friend had already mentioned it to me. I said no. (I got excited right away, because this mutual friend is a whale!) If he's onto something, I will be there...no questions asked. It's just how it is. He's never wrong. 

Have you ever met someone that no matter what they do...they always make money? 

Anyway, my California friend gave me a couple of links to look at and I did investigate it. It made so much sense and it has so much potential that I became a Charter Member. 

Now, this is where I suggest you go look at it also. So... go look at it! But… 

I want to make a suggestion that may surprise you. 

Don't. Spend. Any. Money. 

I really want you to join for free. (Free members are called FANNs.) 

The reason to join for free is you get to use one of their Services even as a Free Member so why would you pay to become a Charter Member? Join for free. Become a FANN. 

Then...check out their free Concierge Service. Access here… 

My personal experience with the Concierge goes like this. I've been wanting to upgrade my old S6 cell phone. My Wife and I each have one. People were starting to make fun of us for have such an outdated device. 

Well, I know that one of our benefits in rNetwork is having access to the Concierge Service that can find the best deals on phones, autos, mortgages, etc. So, I went to the site, filled out a short form and waited. A couple of days later, a Concierge representative, (nice lady too) called and said this is what she could set up for us. 

I got two brand new S-10 phones for Free! 

I have unlimited text, talk, and data! 

I got free shipping and free activation! 

Plus...I was given a $200 Gift Card! Boom! 

And all I had to do was use the rNetwork Concierge Service for free! 

I think you should too. You can see if they can save you any money. If you're saving money that's like getting a pay raise! Right? What’s the worse that can happen? No money out of pocket and you might lower your monthly bill. Win-win. 

So, now I'm a big fan of rNetwork. If you join for Free (FANN) you can use the Concierge also. No money needed. There's no auto-ship. You don't need to sell anything, just share the benefits and suggest that your friends join for free. 

Go look. There are unbelievable benefits being implemented now and over the next several weeks at r Network that you will want to take advantage of. There is an upgrade option, but you never need to unless you decide to utilize the entire pay plan. 

Instead of selling anything, you can offer people a way to save money and give them a way to earn additional income if they choose to. 

Check it out and, if you have a question or two, get in touch. Here's a link to instructions on exactly how to join for free. http://upwurdz.com

Enjoy your savings,

Donald Gaw

ph: 502.608.9055


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