Track Your Real Visitors.

PCNFC-Banner2-728x90.gif?width=468Hi Marketers,

This Might Interest You Or You May Have Never Thought Of In Your Promotional Campaigns., How You Can Differentiate Your Real Your Visitors From Just Clicks.

It You Could Do It, It Will Save You Some Money In Your Campaigns. Every Bit Saved Makes A Big Difference.

By Using The Real Tracker, You Will Be Able To Decide Which Campaign Are More Responsive And You Can Do Away With Non-Responsive Campaigns.

Why The Market Needs A Better Tracker? Because Clicks Are Not Visits! Most (Or Should I Say All) Link Trackers Only Track Clicks. How Do You Know If Those Clicks Are Genuine Visits? Are You Getting Real Visitors Or Just Clicks? Now You Can Tell The Difference And More.

If Someone Clicks Your Link And Then Works On Something Else, Or Simply Opens Your Link In The Background And Never Really Look At It, Or If It Is A Click From Web Spider, Robot Or Some Kind Of Software, The Tracker Will Register No Activity From The Click.

Clicks Without Any Activity Are Not Real Visits. Simple Logic, Great Difference.

Check Out How You Can Maximize Your Reach & Campaign.

To Your Success.


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