Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges


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I have spent a few years making all the mistakes and this is the culmination of
learning what NOT to do to make money on the Internet and traffic exchanges.

You must understand that
traffic exchanges are a business unto themselves – DO NOT underestimate the
amount of money you can make just from traffic exchanges!

Building a large
down line in Traffic Exchanges provides you two powerful means of income:

1. You get credit for the surfing of the people in your down lines in traffic exchanges.

This means
you could surf less and still have the same results.

The better idea is to use
this to multiply your efforts (and money) by surfing the same Traffic exchanges and getting more

Credits are the same as cash as you would have to buy them if you
didn’t surf.

2. You make money when your down line upgrades or buys credits.

You usually get
paid monthly on all your upgraded down line members in traffic exchanges.

If you are an upgraded
member, you typically get a larger commission on your upgraded down line members in Traffic Exchanges
more money.

Let us say you have 1,000 people in your down line and only half upgrade and you
make a dollar from each – that is 0.00 per month doing nothing more than you
are doing!

If you think 1,000 people in your down line is a lot – STOP THINKING


Making Free Money Using Traffic Exchanges


Traffic Exchanges
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