Tweet Tweet Twitter And It’s Advantages In Business

Why Should You Use Twitter?

 Why you should use Twitter to help achieve success in your online business

Twitter is very easy to use. You need to have an email address before you can open a twitter account. You can have several email accounts but you need to open a new Twitter account for each email address. If you are just starting out it is probably best to just start with one account.

When you sign up for a Twitter account it is best to be unique with your username and try and use one that is relevant to the product you are selling if this is going to be a business account. You will need to go through the next three pages as you don’t want your friends connected to your business account. You will then receive an email asking you to confirm your account with Twitter. Go back to Twitter and follow the instructions. You can then type a keyword in the search box and a list of all the current tweets will show up with that keyword. If you are interested in any of them then you can just click on follow them.

You can then type a message in the “what’s happening” box, which must be less than 140 characters. You could possibly put as your first message “I am new to twitter, this is my first tweet!”

You will find a very good tool at where you can get a free account as shown in the screen shot below which offers you the following:

Base Features
Schedule tweets — Plan, set & forget [more]
Track keywords — Empower yourself [more]
Extended Twitter profiles — Promote yourself [more]
Save and reuse drafts — Save hours of typing [more] URL shortening — Track your clicks [more]
View @Mentions & Retweets — Efficiency [more]
Purge your DM Inbox — Keep it tidy [more]
Purge your Twitter Tweets — Start over [more]
Secure Twitter access — No passwords [more]
Personal status feed — Your own tweet engine [more]
Unlimited accounts — No charge [more]

If you want to recruit and keep your followers it is extremely important to tweet something good and interesting on a fairly regular basis. Your tweets will earn you a reputation as hopefully a well informed and entertaining expert in your niche. You should also tweet socially so that people know that you are a real person. The successful marketer will use attraction marketing, whereby the follower will approach you rather than you trying to sell to them. Not quite as easy as it sounds as you will have to establish a reputation first.  That is where the KLT factor comes into it.  Know, Like and Trust – This is why building your reputation first is so important – get people to KL and T you before you even start to think about pushing an opportunity in front of them.

Because you have limited use of characters, you can go to – once you have opened an account you can shorten any URL and once shortened by they will record that and check every click made on a URL, which is recorded in your personal account. Therefore you can check what URLs are being clicked and how often, the time of day and location etc which is vital information and shows the effectiveness of your tweets or emails. That way you can check what is working and what is not.

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