UGG boots are real world well know

The sheepskin boots from 1910 became popular among the shearing, from sheep shearing people off a small piece of skin, after pruning, enveloped their feet, they said this kind of shoes for the ugly boots. The first world war, Australia pilots in two pieces. Skin wrapped into shoes on my feet warm, then gradually popular in Australia. Think that year, the Australian air force first discovered the ugg Boots (Ugly Boots) wonderful function, it is wool inside, outside is very soft skin tanning, so, ugg Boots are named by the Australian air force to make special Boots, once it is called FUGG, namely Flying Ugly Boots.

UGG boots are real world well know because UGG AUSTRALIA in the brand. In 1979, another surfer Brian Smith, bought some Australian sheepskin boots to the United States, started to sale in New York, mainly in California surfer. Later, he established the UGG Holding company, registered the UGG trademark, but because of mismanagement, in 1995, Brian Smith to sell shares to Deckers (Deckers outdoor products co., LTD., operating, fame for the company to make Hollywood stars in the United States, nearly and recognition in multiple countries. The winter of 2009, UGG boots by deckers UGG brand momentum after their spring, the sales surge, overnight success. 2010 years later, more Australian ugg boots brand (such as the PACIFIC, JOMVOX AUKOALA JUMBOUGG) entry into China, open up the domestic market.

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