“Technology is so much fun but we can drown in our technology. The fog of information can drive out knowledge.” - Daniel J. Boorstin


When I had my first taste of marketing and sales in 1979, there was no Internet, mobile phones, iPads, or any other technological conveniences available. And while I think that technology is great to make business more streamlined, many people have forgotten (or probably never knew) the art of face-to-face interaction. I’ve had the luxury of learning how to build relationships without all the extra tools marketers use today. And while building relationships is vitally important to business success, having a little “common sense” goes much farther than any electronic device. I often wonder if people today would have any success without relying on the Internet when building their businesses. We have become a society of “tech junkies” to the point that some technologies are now considered an “addiction” similar to drugs and other infirmities.


Now, I use systems like emailing, web meetings, conference calls, texting and more, like many others. The difference is I don’t let it consume my entire day. I believe it’s great to “stay connected” when you have to, but it’s also good to know when to turn it all “off” for a while. I may spend an average of 24-hours a day being connected to the Internet, but it doesn’t mean that I’m on the Internet for that time period! It’s good when you can let technology go from time to time and be free of the “digital distractions” that can consume you. Knowing when to use common sense should be one of your best attributes to running a business. Use technology as a “tool” to make your job easier; don’t use it to control and destroy your life and business.


 G. L. Giddings, Director

GLG and Associates LLP

The POWER Group Organization Team

Office: (502) 209-TEAM {8326}    



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  • Great information GL and I am guilty of spending too much time on the computer - well I used to -  have had to limit myself now as family was being neglected, so make sure I have time for other things now and as Terri says everything does not revolve around the computer.  Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you G. L. for sharing this great post here today. I agree that common sense is better, and it is always a good thing to get away from the internet. You should pick a designated time to get on and off to do other things offline. It's refreshing for you. Life does not revolve around the computer. I have shared your post on Facebook and tweeted. Have a great day G. L.

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