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Advertising is a good thing but where and how should
a person advertise?  What are online marketers to do?
I know that's a loaded question. It really depends on what
a marketer is offering and wants to accomplish. 
One of the first avenues many online affiliate marketers
try is Traffic Exchanges. They figure they can't go wrong
because there is guaranteed traffic.  Even if they don't
want to surf, they can buy traffic and know that their
offers will be seen.
While traffic exchanges offer traffic, there is a bit more to
getting prospects to click on your offers. Acquiring more
traffic from either surfing or buying it is just a start.  What's
also required is having an attractive squeeze page or splash
This is where skill comes into play.  To acquire skill requires
either knowing somebody who is willing to teach you or
paying to get the education.  Either way, the skill of putting
together squeeze pages or splash pages is a must if you
are going to succeed in traffic exchanges.
Okay, so you have a great page you're promoting in your
chosen traffic exchange.  Now you need more traffic and
turn up the volume.  But how do you do that?  The answer
is simple.  Advertise in more traffic exchanges.
Here's where the money or surfing comes in.  You'll either
spend more money or spend more time surfing for credits
to get traffic to your sites. So now the choice is yours.
What if you were able to place one ad as part of a network
that gave your offers visibility in multiple traffic exchanges
all at the same time?  Wouldn't that be awesome?
The Virtual Traffic Exchange Network offers advertisers to
place one ad that shows up on multiple traffic exchanges
all at once. V TEN utilizes an advanced technology that puts
their network advertisers in front of traffic exchange surfers
in multiple traffic exchanges all over the internet.
V TEN is in essence leveraging the traffic of traffic exchanges
by placing ads on behalf of V TEN advertisers.  The technology
used allows the offers of the V TEN advertisers to be seen on
specific pages promoted by the V TEN in traffic exchanges.  
The best way to understand it is to see a live demonstration.  
On top of the advertising in traffic exchanges, V TEN also
promotes in other online advertising venues. The advertisers
get additional exposure on blogs, press releases, classified
ad boards and a host of social media outlets.
Something that is making V TEN more visible is the heavily promoted
V TEN advertising pages. Advertisers who subscriber to their own 
V TEN membership and become affiliates not only promote their
V TEN page but they earn 100% commission on every V TEN ad
membership they sell.
While the affiliate is promoting V TEN, our advertisers are constantly
getting exposure all over the marketplace.
Keep a look out for the Virtual Traffic Exchanges Network. It might
very well be a way you start getting more exposure for your business.
Good success to you,
Pastor Ced
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  • Hi Ced, liked and shared.  This sounds very interesting ... will check it out.

  • Our affiliate program just went live. Members get a 30 day ad coupon with their membership. Click here

  • Top Member

    This sounds great Ced and the price is right too. Fair compensation for members who pay the monthly membership fee. We all need advertising for our business and since I just joined a new business last month that I need advertising for. This sounds like what I need in addition to IBOtoolbox.

  • Sounds interesting Ced, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for the comments DeAnn and Terri. Regarding the affiliate program, it will pay 100% commission on all first sales and 50% residual a month on renewals. This is a membership program that provides a 30 day ad with the $10 monthly membership. It should be up and going by Monday December 16th.

  • Hi Ced, great PR, thank you for sharing, I tried the traffic exchange, there are alot of sites, have a bless day

  • Top Member

    A virtual traffic exchange network. Sounds like a great idea. How much commission can one make as an affiliate? You stated it was free to be an affiliate and I believe it would benefit people to know how much they can earn. Thank you for sharing it here in the community and I have shared it as well. Have a awesome day.

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