Vision The Impossible

Vision The Impossible

For many years  I  thought about owning my own business. I searched for along time online for a way to have my own business. I tried to have a store online but I was just starting out so did not know much about how or where to advertise online.

I had people in my life making fun of my dreams, they even made fake calls and emails messing with me about the business.

I was so tired of living paycheck to paycheck and making others rich by the hard work that I was doing. I always did more then my job to show that I was a hard worker.

I always wanted more in my life then what I was seeing or getting. I never want to just settle.



As I was getting older I started noticing I had hypoglycemia and then I ended up getting hurt on the job and messed up my back and had back surgery but then I end up having nerve damage.

I know there is a reason why this dream is in my heart but with all the negative people in my life and just trying to learn how to get started it was very hard. I was living paycheck to paycheck so I could barely afford to do anything extra.

I want a business so bad I was getting mad over the fact it was so hard to even get started. Not one thing was working out for me. I ended up having to give up on that business which was a store online.

Now, I have health business that I truely believe in. It has helped me so much with my health and I have seen what it can do for others. I love this business.

Why? Well first of all I no longer wake up feeling shaky because of my Hypoglycemia, my nerve damage doesn't wake me up in the middle of night because my right leg used to twitch alot.

I'm able to do more for myself and others. That is important to me to be able to help others. That is my passion in life is to be able to help others.

I love to travel and see new places. My back and nerve damage was so bad that I couldn't stand to be in the car for a long period of time. Now I can travel anywhere.

I have wanted so much more in my life and was so sick of settling for paycheck to paycheck. That sucks!!


Here I was a single woman, just trying to better myself and enjoy life. All I was getting was crappy jobs, people not understanding what was important to me for my dreams to come true.


I will never give up my Plexus Products for anything. The Products have changed my life. I lost weight, people who has looked down at me has said I looked good and looked happy. I was so proud to hear that from someone who has always thought that they were better then others. I was in shock.

My favorite products is I love the boost, it helps me lose weight and energy along with the slim. The hearlth nerve support and by the sea I take those for my nerve damage. I take the xfactor for energy, it helps me through out the day. The xfactor also helps with my nails. I used to have good nails that grew fine but then some friends got me to get fake nails with them and then that hurt my nails from growing. Now they are growing better thanks to xfactor.

I love the fast relieve cream, I would get cramps in the neck or just aches in my back or just where ever and the cream helps. I rub it in areas where the nerve damage would hurt and it would help.


The bio cleanse, I take it mostly when my stomach starts to hurt, cramping, helps that monthly cycle period time.

I know someone who take the bio cleanse because her ankles swell real bad and the bio cleanse helps so good that she doesn't have that problem anymore.

So, for me there is no way I'll give up something that helps me feel better.

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  • Thank you Terri for reading and committing on my page, have a wonderful weekend

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    Awesome post and so glad to hear that your products have helped you. Here's to you helping people to improve there help. I feel your passion in this post. Have a great day and much success for you.

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